Cagan Campbell (Photo by John Garcia, Jr.)

Irish will host Alabama corner this weekend

Notre Dame will host an up-and-coming recruit from Alabama this weekend in athlete Cagan Campbell. The 5-foot-11, 165-pound junior is fired up about the visit and so is his dad, who will also make the trip to South Bend.

The Fighting Irish aren’t known for landing recruits from the state of Alabama. Yet the coaching staff has the full attention of Tuscaloosa’s Cagan Campbell, who excels at both football and track.

“I’ve been in contact with coach (Todd) Lyght at Notre Dame,” Campbell said. “We’ve been on the phone a couple of times and I’ve also talked to (coordinator of recruiting operations Aaryn) Kearney and he’s the one that’s been telling me about the spring game and trying to get me to come.”

Both Campbell and his father are very intrigued by Notre Dame and its storied tradition.

“I have a very high interest in Notre Dame,” Campbell said. “Me and my dad talk about it all the time. I would love to go to Notre Dame just because of the tradition of the school, how the athletics are, Notre Dame would be a dream school for me.”

The coaching staff at Hillcrest High School uses Campbell’s elite speed to their advantage in all facets of the game.

“I play cornerback,” Campbell said. “I’ve been starting cornerback since my ninth-grade year. They started putting me at punt return just because I’m good with the ball in my hands and I set up great field position for our team. Also, I believe this year I’m going to be in a wildcat, which is amazing because I’ve been asking to be on the offense for the last two years and it’s finally happened and that’s awesome to me.”

The two-star recruit covers some of the most talented athletes in the south within Alabama’s top level of high school football.

“We’re a 6A school,” Campbell said. “I’ve played against a lot of great receivers.”

Campbell has strong support related to his Notre Dame recruitment.

“Me and my dad are going to travel up on Friday morning,” Campbell said. “My dad loves Notre Dame. He actually told me that he would want me to commit to Notre Dame if they were to ever offer. My dad is very high on Notre Dame and he thinks it would be a great place for me to go. He thinks it would benefit me a lot. He’s very excited about this trip.”

The education aspect of Notre Dame plays a large part in the Campbell family’s enthusiasm about the Irish.

“I want to major in Exercise Science,” Campbell said. “The academic part is the main part that my dad and I like about it because we know that academics are very, very high up there. He knows if I go up there, I’d get a top education.”

Per Twitter, earlier this year Campbell set the Alabama high school record in the indoor 400 meter.

“I am considering track at ND,” Campbell said. “I like the coach. She's very cool. I first heard from ND track one day before practice. She called me and it went from there.

“My fastest 40 is a 4.43. I ran it at Auburn’s camp last year and I ran the 400 meter and 200 meter and I have a 47.6 400 and a 21.5 200. I’m hoping to drop both of those times next weekend, actually.”

Notre Dame will host three additional cornerbacks this weekend. Justin Birdsong (Georgia), Erick Hallett II (Texas), and Dominique Hampton (Arizona) will also take in the Blue-Gold Game. Each athlete mentioned will have at least one of their parents by their side.

Considering the Irish have just one cornerback commitment at that need position, a couple new offers could go out. Top Stories