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Austin’s respect for Notre Dame grows

Kevin Austin was one of the biggest names on campus for the Blue-Gold Game. The four-star receiver sat down with the Irish staff to get a clear idea of what his future role could be in South Bend and the kind of education he would receive.

Brian Kelly wants to add more big-play receivers. Although the Irish roster appears loaded at the offensive skill positions today, Notre Dame needs reinforcements for the future.

Kevin Austin is their guy.

After being named MVP of the wide receivers at The Opening Regional in Miami, the dynamic receiver has been placed in the spotlight as one of the top receivers in the south. Notre Dame got Austin to campus this weekend and worked overtime to make an impression.

“I really just talked to coach (Chip) Long, coach (DelVaughn) Alexander, coach (Autry) Denson and coach (Brian) Kelly,” Austin said. “I had conversations individually with those coaches, talking about how I’d fit in their offense, how they would most benefit me in the future. The academic advisor, I talked to him also, about how Notre Dame would help me in my path to football and life after college.”

Austin feels he has a clear idea of how his career at Notre Dame would look like if he goes Irish.

“It was a great experience,” Austin said. “Notre Dame has rich history and culture. I believe a lot of the things people were talking about, just the campus itself. It was cool seeing Touchdown Jesus, the golden dome, everything like that. It was just a great experience.”

The Blue-Gold Game presented a great opportunity for Austin to assess Notre Dame’s current situation at his position. He feels he could make a strong impact.

“The game was fun,” Austin said. “They were competing out there, having fun. Both teams were really getting after it. The receivers looked good. It just looked like they don’t have any receivers on their roster that have my speed and playmaking ability and that’s what coach Alexander was telling me, in terms of other recruits in 2018. That’s why he really wants me to come there.”

Several commitments pitched the Irish, including a couple receivers.

“I talked to (Braden) Lenzy and Micah (Jones),” Austin said. “They were really great to talk to. Lenzy was saying they really want me for my speed. He was saying I would benefit them because I also have speed and I’m very physical. Micah said I’m 6’3 – 6’4, so it would be a combination that would be dangerous that nobody could game plan for us.”

Austin arrived with a high opinion of Notre Dame, which grew during his visit as the whole picture became clear.

“I have a greater respect for them, of course,” Austin said. “Going to the campus, talking to the coaches and academic advisor, it was an overall great experience and I was very impressed by them.”

Austin’s parents were along for the visit. They too headed back to Florida with a strong, positive impression of Notre Dame.

“Their impression was the same as mine,” Austin said. “(The Notre Dame staff) were very impressive. They were very professional and it was a great experience.” Top Stories