Irish offer a ‘game-changer’ for tight end

The Irish seem determined to add a tight end to their current recruiting class, despite landing two All-Americans at the position in 2017. Alpharetta, Georgia tight end Tommy Tremble spoke with Irish Illustrated about his newly acquired Notre Dame offer.

Tommy Tremble has a unique blend of college football programs on his offer list.

Yale, Columbia, Dartmouth, Princeton and Pennsylvania have offered the 6-foot-4, 225-pound junior. So have Georgia, Ole Miss, Tennessee and South Carolina out of the SEC.

Add Notre Dame to that list.

“It’s very exciting for me,” Tremble said. “It’s been cool, having the choice between very prestigious schools, Ivy league schools, even Notre Dame and then being able to play for those big powerhouse schools, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Ole Miss, it’s really a blessing to be able to play for both.”

Tremble spoke about his lifelong “dream team,” that’s actually not necessarily his top school simply because his father Greg Tremble played in Athens for the Bulldogs.

“Throughout my life, I grew up a Georgia fan,” Tremble said. “I was really excited when I got the Georgia offer. Everyone in my recruitment thinks I’m dead set on Georgia and stuff.”

Tremble’s mother has strong beliefs as to what is best for her son. With guidance from his parents, Tremble is exploring the array of high-academic offers within his list and seeking a strong balance that will best suit his future.

“It’s a big weigh-in,” Tremble said. “My mom wants me to go to a great school that can also be a great place to play football at. Notre Dame is one of the most perfect schools for that. There’s strong, strong academics and very competitive football at the same time.”

The Notre Dame staff had been in touch with Tremble over the previous few weeks. He explained how the offer unfolded.

“Coach (Chip) Long, the offensive coordinator, he DM’d me over Twitter, ‘what’s your number,’ and all that,” Tremble said. “Then I called him and we talked, about three weeks ago.

“(Coach Long) said, ‘we’ve seen your academic achievements and we’ve seen your film and we really like you. We want to come down there and during the spring and make sure you’re not 6-foot-1 or something like that.’ He came by today actually. He talked to my coach and my coach told me (Long) offered me. Me and my coach are really excited about it.”

Tremble is intrigued by the possible production in South Bend at “Tight End U.”

“(Long) told me over the phone about three weeks ago that he runs a tight end-heavy offense and all that,” Tremble said. “With me being a tight end there, I’d probably get the ball 40-50 times during a year. That was really great for me to hear that too.”

Among his 20 offers, a select few have been working him more than the rest.

“UGA has been contacting me pretty heavily,” Tremble said. “Tennessee also has, Duke as well, and Vanderbilt. Those are the top four that are recruiting me the hardest.”

Still, Tremble said he’s thrilled to have an Irish offer and will make his way to South Bend in the coming weeks, to take part in the annual Irish Invasion camp.

“Notre Dame is a game-changer,” Tremble said. “It’s big and a school I’m heavily interested in. It’s going to be good seeing them in the mix with all the other schools. I’m really excited about it.

“I’m stopping by June 10-12, I’m going to the invitational camp there. I just can’t wait to go there and ball out.” Top Stories