Litchfield Ajavon

‘You can’t go wrong with Notre Dame’

Virginia safety Litchfield Ajavon fits the bill at Notre Dame, on and off the field. And Brian Kelly knows it, personally. The four-star talent spoke with Irish Illustrated about his Irish interest.

Alexandria (Virginia) Episcopal sophomore Litchfield Ajavon is among Notre Dame’s top offers from the class of 2019.

Born in Ghana, Ajavon immigrated to America when he was six-years-old, eventually falling in love with the game of football in the city of Baltimore.

The converted quarterback has since found himself at one of Virginia’s top boarding schools, Episcopal, where he has thrived at safety. As a defensive back, Ajavon already has offers from Clemson, Duke, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Syracuse, Virginia, Virginia Tech and Wisconsin.

Looking to pull ahead of the pack, Notre Dame dropped by Episcopal recently to check on their top 2019 safety target. The Irish have his attention and the promising defensive back wants to learn more.

“Coach (Mike) Elko came by a week or two ago,” Ajavon said. “I’m planning on taking some trips to some colleges over the summer. I can’t fit anything in my schedule right now because I have two weeks of track and then I have exams right after that. I get out of school June 3, then I’m trying to take some trips. I want Notre Dame to be one of my first that I take. I really want to go visit that school. I’m definitely going to go there over the summer for sure.”

The Irish are holding an invite-only camp on June 10. Ajavon hopes to attend. 

“I just got a poster, something about the (Irish Invasion) camp,” Ajavon said. “I’m talking to my coach now to see what is our plan for the summer, camps I’m going to go to, or trips I’m going to take. I really want to go there and visit. I heard the camp is for offered athletes where kids go and have fun and have a little bit of competition and get a feel for the school. I think that would be a neat thing.”

Notre Dame is sticking out as one of Ajavon’s top options, for a number of reasons.

“You can’t go wrong with Notre Dame,” Ajavon said. “From the name of the school, the history, the legacy of the name itself, it’s all good and I love the tradition of the school and the athletic programs. A degree from Notre Dame is second to none. I was reading and it’s not a four-year decision, it’s a 40-year decision. That epitomizes everything because for four years, you play football there and after that, you have a whole life to live.”

Similarities between Episcopal and Notre Dame play a role in his interest.

“The school reminds me so much of my school,” Ajavon said. “The academic standards and the athletic standards. There’s such rich and great history and tradition.”

As of now, Ajavon is a safety. However, he feels his versatility brings a unique position flexibility to his game.

“I’m definitely going to play somewhere in the backfield, the safety position, I’d like to play,” Ajavon said. “I can play most positions on the football field. That’s how I’m serving myself, I can play any position that I’m needed at and I can learn quickly as well. I can play in the box, I’m not afraid to stick my nose in there or cover receivers. There’s a world of possibilities back there for me.”

Ajavon had a chance to speak with Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly, who used some frank humor to explain his interest in the hard-hitting defensive back.

“I talked with coach Kelly a while back and it was funny,” Ajavon said. “He said his coaching job is on the line and he needs me to come there or he’s going to get fired. He was joking, but it was cool just to hear it. Just to hear someone interested in me to that point.” Top Stories