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Irish offer three-star back

The Irish want to add a second running back to their current recruiting class to pair with Markese Stepp. Irish Illustrated caught up with Notre Dame’s recent running back offer, Master Teague.

Murfreesboro (Tennessee) Blackman High School running back Master Teague saw his scholarship total reach 21 when the Irish offered Wednesday, May 10.

Teague’s recruitment blew up after putting together an impressive junior season. Scout’s top-ranked running back in Tennessee rushed for 2,031 yards and 24 touchdowns.

His top offers include; Auburn, Duke, Georgia, Louisville, Notre Dame, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt. He also holds offers from; Georgia Tech, Indiana, Kentucky, Memphis, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Missouri, Northwestern, Oklahoma State, Purdue, and Virginia.

Teague looks forward to putting the Irish under the microscope.

“I think it’s a great offer,” Teague said. “I know they’re a great program, as far as I’ve seen. I got to talk a little bit with coach (Autry) Denson and he kind of told me about how they are and how they run the program and I think it was great, the way they were explaining things. I’m looking forward to getting to know the staff and doing a little research on them. That would be awesome.

“We didn’t know that we were going to get (the offer). Coach Denson actually wanted to talk to my parents first before he wanted to start recruiting me. He said he does that with all of his kids that he recruits. That’s different but we have been communicating for about a month over DM. He gives me quotes in the morning and just having small conversations.”

So far, Teague has visited many schools on his offer list and some that aren’t (Georgia, Tennessee, Auburn, Alabama, to name a few). He hopes to add South Bend to his summer itinerary.

“I know the (Notre Dame) coaches have been wanting me to visit for a while,” Teague said. “They told me after I started communicating with them on DM. Next week, me and the family are going to sit down and talk about some plans that we might have for the summer involving visits and things like that, so we’ll do that in the next week or so.”

Teague’s offers from Duke, Notre Dame, Northwestern, and Vanderbilt are indicative of his off-the-field work ethic.

“As far as right now, I have a 3.5 GPA and I’m wrapping up the school year right now,” Teague said. “I’m feeling really good about my grades and I’m working really hard for them.

“Those schools with great academics, I really want to get to know those schools. I know education is really important. That’s going to get you further in life than football will. Especially for a running back with a short lifespan. It’s really important.”

Teague will be working out the finer details of his recruitment in the coming weeks.

“No schools are really sticking out,” Teague said. “Like I said, in about a week or so, me and my family will have a deep conversation about schools and decisions about them and things like that. They’re all recruiting me hard.”

Some schools are recruiting Teague harder than others. The Irish are late in the race and will have to cover ground quickly before Teague makes his decision in the coming months.

“Duke, Tennessee, Georgia, Auburn, Ohio State, and South Carolina,” Teague said. “Those are the ones that have been recruiting me the hardest. (My decision) will more than likely be sometime this summer. I am preparing to graduate early just to have the option if that is what end up deciding as a family.”

Still, Teague said his interest in Notre Dame is real.

“I think they have a good chance,” Teague said. “That’s one of the schools that I’m considering. Right now, I feel like I do fit in. I feel like I can go there. I have to do more research, I’ll figure that out. Down the road, I feel like they’re a great program and they will be one I really look into.” Top Stories