Isaiah Foskey (Brandon Huffman)

New tight end offer intrigued by Irish

Looking to add talent to Chip Long’s tight end heavy offense, the Irish have been digging into California. Concordia’s Isaiah Foskey is the latest addition to the 2019 TE board.

Notre Dame made California powerhouse De La Salle one of its final stops during the spring evaluation period, with top ’19 tight end Isaiah Foskey the target.

Special teams coordinator and West Coast recruiter Brian Polian made the visit and Notre Dame’s tight end tradition made an impression right away.

“The previous tight end, Tyler Eifert is in the NFL and every other year, they have a tight end go to the NFL,” Foskey said. “The two tight ends right now, they might get drafted.”

Foskey had been hearing about Notre Dame long before Polian hit the school.

“Two of my teachers went to Notre Dame,” Foskey said. “They were telling me about Notre Dame, telling me about how cool it is, that it’s a good environment to be in. The campus is great, so it really intrigued me to go visit one day. Probably next summer though, because I don’t have anything planned this summer. That intrigued me to probably go visit out there.”

Notre Dame would be one of many visit options for the star tight end.

Arizona, BYU, Colorado, Fresno State, Kansas, Miami, Michigan, Notre Dame, UCLA, Utah and Washington have already offered.

“There’s no schools sticking out right now,” Foskey said. “All the offers are the same right now. At the end of the day, it’s just going to make my decision even more difficult.”

De La Salle is known for their run-heavy attack. For Foskey, this means receiving opportunities are sometimes few and far between.

“It helps with my blocking, but once we pass, it’s usually big plays, like 30, 40, 50 yards.” Foskey said. “When we pass, I’m usually wide open while everyone is stuffed up on the run. You make the big plays.”

Still, Foskey couldn’t be happier at De La Salle, one of the nation’s most recognizable high school football programs.

Netflix feature movie, “When the Game Stands Tall,” is based on De La Salle’s 1992-2004 winning streak of 151 games, which led to National Champion honors, seven times.

“De La Salle is a great place to be in,” Foskey said. “There’s a whole bunch of tradition by it and around it. To play on the field is a great honor. To even practice and be a part of the team is great. One of the best decisions I’ve made was to come to this school.”

Although Foskey hasn’t fully shaped up his summer agenda, his short wish list includes a few Notre Dame rivals.

“This summer, I might visit USC for the Rising Star Camp,” Foskey said. “Other than that, I don’t have any plans to visit any college. I’d like an offer from Stanford. That’s one of my dream schools out here.”

Aside from summer visits and offers, Foskey has some on the field goals in mind.

“Right now, I’m 6-foot-5, 230 (pounds),” Foskey said. “Before the season, I want to be 240. On the field, I’m working on route-running, getting out of my breaks. That’s my main focus. I like blocking but in college, I’ll probably be more of a detached tight end.” Top Stories