Thaxton's List is Still Long

Jae Thaxton, the dominating LB from Hart County HS in GA has been hearing from a ton of schools all wanting his services. Thaxton took time out of his schedule to talk with IrishEyes about football, recruiting, and the possibility of leaving the south to attend college.

Jae Thaxton, the 6'2 220lb LB from Hartwell GA has been busy answering a lot of calls lately. So far, he's heard from Florida, Florida State, Miami, Auburn Georgia, LSU, Notre Dame, and Tennessee among others. "Those are the school's I'm considering right now" said Thaxton. "I have no idea how I'm going to narrow things down. I really like all of those schools, and they're who I'm considering right now" he continued.

Thaxton really seems to be wide open at this point, and he doesn't plan on changing that for a while. "I don't see me narrowing things down until after my season is over. Toward the end of the season, I'll narrow things down, and start setting up my visits."

Out of all the schools recruiting Thaxton, Notre Dame is the only one that's not in the south. Would Thaxton have a problem leaving the south to attend college? "No, I wouldn't have a problem going to Notre Dame if it was the right school for me. Notre Dame is the only school I'm considering from up north because that's the only school I like in the north. If I feel comfortable at Notre Dame, I would have no problem going to school away from the south."

Feeling comfortable is what will make one school stand out from the others. "That's how I'll know what school to go to. The school that I feel the most comfortable with the coaching staff, my teammates, and the other students will be the school I choose. That's why my visits will be so important."

Through two games, Thaxton's team is 2-0 and he has 21 tackles and two hurries.

As I was getting ready to hang up the phone, Thaxton said "Wait, I do have one visit set up. Coach Simmons from Notre Dame called, and I set up a visit to Notre Dame for some time in January. I'm not sure of the exact date, but I know it's in January."

IrishEyes will keep you posted on Thaxton's progress, and update the exact date of his visit to Notre Dame.

Comments: It's a good sign that Thaxton has set up a visit with the Irish. He has a pretty impressive list of schools, and Notre Dame is the only one that he's set to visit. Coach Simmons is doing a really good job recruiting Thaxton, and ND should be in it until the end. Not much more will be known until he sets up other visits, and narrows his list. Top Stories