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Ohio rush end ready for Irish camp

Irish defensive line coach Mike Elston is evaluating towering ‘19 defensive end Noah Potter. The Ohio product will attend Notre Dame’s elite linemen camp later this month.

During the spring evaluation period Notre Dame checked on recruits from across the nation, inviting many to summer camps beyond Irish Invasion.

Defensive end Noah Potter of Mentor, Ohio was one of those targets. He’ll be in South Bend shortly.

“Notre Dame’s defensive line coach (Mike Elston) came into my school and they wanted me to come to their elite (defensive) line camp,” Potter said. “I’ll be at the Notre Dame camp on (June 24).”

Potter has been making waves throughout the Midwest as an up-and-coming defensive end with sky-high potential.

At 6-foot-6, 248 pounds with room to grow, Potter shows traits that could lead to big things during his final two years of high school.

Bowling Green, Iowa State, Kent State and Toledo have offered Potter. He’s camped at Michigan State, Penn State and Ohio State.

When Elston stopped by Mentor to check on Potter, the Irish caught his attention.

“I like Notre Dame a lot,” Potter said. “I like them just from watching them on TV and their defensive line coach came in and they’re really interested in me which brought my interest up a lot more. I’ve never been to their campus so when I go to their camp, I hope to check it out.”

As well as attending Notre Dame’s invite-only lineman camp, Potter hopes to make a game day visit this fall.

“Going to a home game (at Notre Dame) would be awesome,” Potter said. “I watch them on NBC almost every Saturday. I’m a big college football fan so I see them a lot. I’m a Browns fan too and they drafted (DeShone) Kizer and I liked Kizer more than any other quarterback in the draft.”

The Potter family has a strong basketball background. But the promising ‘19 recruit is sticking to football.

“No one in my family has ever played football,“ Potter said. “I’m kind of the first one. My dad, he played basketball. He didn’t want to play football because he was too skinny. He was about 6-foot-5. My brother plays basketball at Ohio State, Micah Potter. He’s about 6-foot-10. He actually got recruited by Notre Dame for basketball.”

“I (played basketball) but I didn’t want to lose too much weight. At my school, they run a run-and-gun offense, they shoot threes and run. I didn’t think it was good for me to run and lose weight.”

With a frame that would fit several positions, Potter feels strongly that he’s found his niche.

“I’ve played defensive end my whole life,” Potter said. “My first-ever practice, they lined me up at defensive end, I was like five-years-old, and the first play, I knocked the quarterback down and he was out for a week. I was kinda pumped by that so I stuck with it.

“I think I’m geared towards strong side defensive end. I think that’s the position that suits me well and I think I’m pretty good at it, so I’m going to stick with it.”

Considering Potter’s brother plays for Ohio State, many assume he would jump at an offer from the Buckeyes.

According to Potter, that’s not necessarily the case.

“I’d be happy with any offer I get,” Potter said. “Yeah, an Ohio State offer would mean a lot to me but I’m not saying that I’ll go there if I get an offer from them. I’m open to any offer that can help me and my future.”

Potter’s decision timeline isn’t clear at this point.

“I would like to get (my commitment) done before my senior season,” Potter said. “There’s no set date though. When it comes, it comes.”

Last fall during a nine-game season, Potter totaled 41 tackles, three tackles for loss, one sack, four pass deflections and 16 quarterback hurries. Top Stories