Prentiss Hubb (Under Armour/Kelly Kline)

ND Hoops Recruiting Heating Up

With a pair of guards in the fold, the Irish are likely to turn their attention to the frontcourt as Mike Brey and his staff move forward in recruiting process.

Brian Snow serves as Scout’s national basketball recruiting analyst, observing prospects throughout the country.

Snow has seen most of the top prospects dozens of times and, in some instances, hundreds of times on the high school and AAU circuit. He evaluates their skillsets and deciphers where the nation’s best and brightest hoop talents will take their games following high school.

Irish Illustrated spoke with Snow this week about Notre Dame commitments Prentiss Hubb and Robby Carmody. Here are Snow’s comments on them and a few other prospects on Notre Dame’s radar. Scout’s national ranking of each prospect is included.
“Robby Carmody might be the toughest kid in the country. He’s just an absolute warrior on the court. He doesn’t back down, he’s a good athlete, he can make shots, and he loves to attack the rim.

“He’s going to play physical. Some opponents might call it dirty. But he’s going to play physical. He’s just a tough dude. He’s an absolute warrior on the court.”

(Note: Carmody’s shooting, although solid, has been inconsistent at times.)

“I don’t think it’s anything fundamental and I don’t think it’s anything systematic,” said Snow of Carmody’s shooting. “I just think some guys’ shots go in and sometimes they don’t.

“He has improved as a shooter for sure. He’s still not a great one, but he’s a good one. He keeps getting better and he keeps working on it. I think in college he’s going to be a very good shooter.”
“He’s a combo guard. A good athlete who can score and pass. He has played on and off the ball throughout high school and during his AAU career. He can play both guard spots. He brings versatility.

“He’ll certainly be a point guard at Notre Dame. He’s really improved as a passer. He’s a little bit score-first, but he has good size, he’s a good athlete and he can make shots. There’s a lot to like about him. He fits in with what Mike Brey likes to do.”
(Note: Goodwin was verbally committed to Ohio State, but de-committed shortly after the firing of head coach Thad Matta.)

“Dane definitely was leaning toward Notre Dame, but once Carmody pulled the trigger, I don’t think Dane and Notre Dame are going to be a match anymore.”
“He just went on his visit to St. John’s and he didn’t commit. I heard some rumblings that he might look to get out of the area.

“This one might depend a little more on what Notre Dame wants to do. Do they think he can fit in with Carmody and Hubb? If so, Notre Dame will have a great shot.”
(Note: Hauser’s brother, Sam, averaged 8.8 points and 5.0 rebounds per game as a freshman at Marquette in 2016-17.)

“He’s a good player, a combo forward who’s a good athlete and skilled. He does everything well. A tough kid with good size who can make shots…He can really make shots. He’s one of the better four-men in the class.

“Most people think he’ll stay in-state, either Marquette or Wisconsin. Michigan State was in there, but they’re getting Marcus Bingham, so I think that will take them out.

“I would guess Marquette or Wisconsin, probably Marquette. But the Hausers do seem open to other schools. I just think it will be really tough to get him out of state.”
“I love him. He’s a natural wing who can also slide to the four. Good shooter, good athlete, really smart kid. He’s an honor roll student. He’s getting better off the dribble and can make shots when he’s open. He’s tough and a good athlete. He’ll be real versatile defensively.

“If Villanova offers, they’ll be tough to beat, just because Josh Hart went to the same high school. Villanova, like Notre Dame, has great academics. So Villanova would be tough if they offer, and part of that will involve Cole Swider (who just committed to the Wildcats).

“Notre Dame is certainly involved. I would think Georgetown is involved. Then I think Northwestern, but Saddiq seems fairly open at this time.”
(Note: Finke’s brother, Michael, is a junior at Illinois after averaging 6.9 points and 4.2 rebounds for the Illini in 2016-17)

“He’s got a brother at Illinois and his dad played at Illinois. But I think he’s open. A lot of people feel Vanderbilt is the leader. I don’t know that him and Carmody are complementary. He’s kind of the same type of player. Straight-line athlete; good but not great shooter. Tough kid, knows how to play. I just don’t know if they complement each other very well, but they’re both good players.

“Notre Dame will have a shot. Illinois, if they do it right, will be tough to beat. But Vanderbilt might be the leader.”
“With Simi, it could be anything. He’s a bad boy (re: a really good player). He’s got like a thousand schools on his list, so it will probably be a complete dog-and-pony show”


With multiple scholarships to give, the Irish could load up in the Class of 2018. Mike Brey, however, is more inclined to spread out the scholarships, even if it means leaving the Irish a scholarship short of the 13 allowed. (Note: Former walk-on Matt Gregory will be on scholarship as a senior in 2017-18.)

With two verbal commitments, Brey and the Irish might be more inclined to add a third recruit and perhaps a mid-season or end-of-the-season transfer.
“I would think (Brey) will try to land one frontcourt kid because they’re a little light in the frontcourt,” Snow said. “That will be the focus going forward.

“If the perfect scenario comes where the right guard or wing comes in and says he wants to be in at Notre Dame, I’m sure they wouldn’t say no. But I think they’re going to focus on the frontcourt, do a lot of evaluating in July, see who they like, and then target and go after.” Top Stories