Gorham Set For Official Visit

Cornerback prospect Chris Gorham has scheduled an official visit to Notre Dame. The 6-0, 175-pound Pottstown, PA prospect says he's basically down to three teams, Notre Dame, Virginia and Georgia Tech. He's scheduled visits to all three and decision should come shortly after his official visits. Where do the Irish stand with Gorham?

Chris Gorham has scheduled his official visit to Notre Dame. "I'm visiting Notre Dame this weekend on an official visit," Gorham said. "I then visit Virginia the next weekend and Georgia Tech the following weekend."

Gorham says he's basically down to these three schools. "Right now, I would say these are the three but if someone else offers I might consider them."

His season has already started and he's off to a good start so far. "We've played two games but we're 3-0. One team had to forfiet because their teachers were on strike so they couldn't practice. My last game was pretty good. I had 218 receiving yards and 170 yards rushing and scored five touchdowns. We play a Wing T and I'm in the slot on offense. I'm also playing safety on defense but everyone is recruiting me as a corner."

Gorham says he's hoping to see more of Notre Dame this weekend. He's already visited this summer but wants to know more about the program. "We went up there for a weekend and I got to see a lot of things. I just want to get a better feel for it. A better understanding of the coaches, players and the program and I want to go to a game there and see what that is like."

He also says he knows the criteria that will make his final decision. "Education is important and all three have great educations. I want to major in pre-med. I also want to feel at home and fit in with the players and with the program."

Gorham says he'll make a decision sometime after his visits. "Probably next month sometime. I'll talk it over with my family. I can't say anyone is leading right now. Not one school is above the other. I'll get an idea after my visits."

Comments. Gorham should fit in very well at Notre Dame. He had mentioned that Virginia was leading earlier so we'll see. He's a Notre Dame kid all the way. We won't get a real good idea until he takes all three visits where he is leaning.

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