Hendricks Remains Wide Open

Millville, NJ prospect Dwayne Hendricks is a hot prospect. He has over 30 offers so far and an offer from Notre Dame. The 6-4, 255-pound defensive end prospect has already visited Notre Dame unofficially this summer. Will he take an official visit to Notre Dame?

Dwayne Hendricks says he's still wide open at this point. "I have over 30 offers but I've started to narrow it down," said Hendricks. "Notre Dame, Michigan, Iowa, Miami, Florida, Oklahoma, UCLA, Tennessee and Ohio State are the top schools I'm considering right now."

Hendricks kicked off his season with a win last Friday. "We won our first game. I think I finished with seven tackles. I didn't get a sack, it was raining most of the game."

Hendricks said he's started to schedule some visits. "I scheduled a visit to Michigan and Miami. I don't know the dates though off the top of my head."

He had said earlier that he wasn't planning on visiting schools he visited in the summer like Notre Dame. "I'm not sure. I might take some visits to those schools. I've talked to Notre Dame about an official visit so I might still visit there officially."

Academics appears to be the most important factor to Hendricks when choosing a school. "Academics will be important. The stability of the program and the coaching staff. A program on the rise. The location and the exposure. I want to find a school where they are on TV so my Mom can watch me when she can't come to the games."

Don't expect a decision any time soon from Hendricks. "I'm going to take all five of my visits. I'll probably decide sometime in January."

Comments. We think the only way Notre Dame has a shot at Hendricks is if they get him to take an official visit. He seems pretty interested in Notre Dame and we think he will visit Notre Dame. We'll keep an eye on him and see if he schedules a visit.

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