Siler is Still Open

When you are a 6'2 215lb LB with 4.5 speed, and a 4.0 GPA to go with it, schools are going to take notice of you. This is Brandon Siler's story. Siler is ranked the 12th LB nationally by the Insiders and has a top notch list of schools recruiting him.

"It's USC, Florida State, Notre Dame, Auburn, Florida, and South Carolina and Miami" said Siler. "Those are the schools that are recruiting me right now. The only one that hasn't offered me is Miami, but they still recruit me hard.

Rumor has it that USC and FSU lead for Siler's services. "I like USC and Florida State, but I'm still considering all my other schools too" said Siler. "I'm trying not to focus too much on recruiting. I just want to have a good senior year and help my team the best way I can so I won't be dealing too much with the recruiting process until after my season. I haven't even set up any visits, I don't plan to anytime soon. Maybe toward the end of my season I'll narrow down my list, and start setting up visits."

Siler's team is undefeated currently, and he's a big part of his team's success. "I'm not sure of my current stats right now. I'm not a big stats person. I don't read the papers, or box scores to see my stats. I just go out there and hit people.

Though USC and FSU may have a slight edge in recruiting, Notre Dame is in hot pursuit of Siler's services. "I talk to a coach from Notre Dame every week. I'm not sure of his name, but he calls every week and we have good conversations. Notre Dame is in the picture.

Comments: It's still too early to tell where Siler will land. He previously mentioned USC as his #1 choice since his family is from the Los Angelas area and he's very familiar with the school. If Notre Dame can get Siler to visit, Coach Willingham and Co. will have a fair shot. Top Stories