Pressley Set Official Visit To Notre Dame

Greensboro, NC prospect Demario Pressley has scheduled his first visit of the year to Notre Dame. The 6-4, 290-pound defensive line prospect in considered one of the top prospects in the country and has over 30 offers from most of the top teams in the country. Where do the Irish stand with Pressley?

Demario Pressley has set his official visit to Notre Dame. "I'm going to Notre Dame on November 1st for the Florida State game. That is the only official visit I've set so far."

Pressley's Dudley high school team has kicked off his season already. "We are 2-2 right now. I don't know my stats. I do know I have six or seven sacks but that's all I know right now."

Pressley says he is still open right now. "I have really narrowed it down. I'm interested in a lot of schools. Florida State, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Miami--a lot of schools."

The star defensive tackle does know he wants to visit Notre Dame. "I knew they were one of my top teams and I wanted to visit them. I wanted to go see a game there and see what that atmopshere was like. I wanted to meet the coaches and players and see what life is like in Indiana."

Coach Willingham and Coach Mattison have also made an impression on Pressley. "Both are real down to earth guys. They are role models and they are very positive people and I like that."

Pressley says he doesn't know when he plans to narrow down his list. "I don't know when I will schedule the rest of my visits. I'll probably take the rest of my official visits after the season. I still plan to take all five of my visits and I will probably decide on signing day."

Comments. The good news is he is visiting early. I think Notre Dame had to get him in for a game and early to stay in the race. I do think he has a strong interest in Notre Dame and hopefully they will have a great shot after the visit. I do believe it will be a while before we know where Pressley is leaning. Top Stories