John Kadous Has Notre Dame In The Lead

<p>Tucson, Arizona's John Kadous just returned from his unofficial visit this weekend from South Bend. Irish Eyes spoke with him to hear promising things about the visit. </p>

Since he just returned from South Bend with his siblings, Irish Eyes, naturally, asked him how the trip went. "It went well," John said. "It was real good. Real Smooth. It was a real good overall experience."

Arriving at South Bend around noon, John went to the football offices and picked up his tickets for the game. Although Notre Dame lost the game, John wasn't swayed from his opinions on the program. "It didn't change my view at all," he admitted. "They are a team on the rise. Them losing the game didn't make a difference. In a year or two, they will be one of the Top 5 teams in the nation."

After the game, John sat down and spoke with Coach Willingham. Irish Eyes asked him what they talked about. "We talked about his philosophy on coaching," he said. "He was saying that they were experiencing some bumps in the road, but it was great conversation."

With a positive weekend behind him, Notre Dame looks to be in the driver seat for the Offensive Lineman's talents. "Seeing the game, it just put them farther out at number one in the lead," he confessed. "The fans, it was like nothing I've ever seen before."

Still, John wants to make sure that he makes the right decision. "No, I'm not committing anytime soon," he said. "I'd say I'll make my decision in about a month."

COMMENTS: John seems to really like Notre Dame a lot. Irish Eyes thinks it's just a matter of time before he pulls the trigger and commits, but there are possibilities that he might visit UCLA and ASU, so nothing is set in stone right now. Irish Eyes will keep in touch with as things develop. Top Stories