Lyons Liked His Visit

Catching up with Devon Lyons, the 6'3 205lbs defensive back/wide receiver can be a hard thing on the field. With his busy schedule, it can also be hard to catch up with him off the field. IrishEyes was able to get a hold of Lyons to discuss his weekend visit to Notre Dame.

"I had a real good time" said Devon Lyons yawning as he was getting ready for bed. "I had been up to Notre Dame twice already, but this time I got to see the game atmosphere and that was great. I got to see what it would be like if I was a student there."

What were some of the highlights of Lyons weekend? "Speaking with Coach Willingham. He is going to turn the program around and get it back to the top" said Lyons. "The visit was a highlight." Freshmen running back Travis Thomas was Lyons host. "Travis was a real cool guy. He's from my neck of the woods so I already knew about him. I really enjoyed myself."

Despite the Notre Dame loss, Lyons is still high on Notre Dame. "Notre Dame losing the game won't affect my decision. I know Coach Willingham will get Notre Dame back at the top but it's just taking some time. You can see the team going in the right direction. I am still considering Notre Dame. I like Notre Dame a lot."

So what's next for Lyons on the recruiting front? "I'm going to take a couple of visits. I'm going to Michigan State for the Michigan game. I'll probably visit Miami too. The fourth visit will either be Ohio State, or Penn State. I'll decide some time after my visits."

Comments: Lyons really enjoyed his Notre Dame visit and it's encouraging to hear the loss won't affect his decision. For those who doubt his words, Travis Thomas committed to the Irish last year, despite visiting the weekend of the Boston College loss. For the people who've been following Lyons recruiting, it's always pretty much been Notre Dame and Michigan State. Miami is a player now, and if he visits could move in with ND and MSU. We'll have to wait and see. Top Stories