Gorham Enjoys Notre Dame Visit

Pottstown, PA prospect Chris Gorham visited Notre Dame this past weekend on his first official visit of the year. The 6-0, 175-pound cornerback prospect enjoyed his visit and plans to take a few more official visits before making his decision. Where do the Irish stand with Gorham?

Chris Gorham seemed to really enjoy his visit to Notre Dame. "I loved it," said Gorham. "I got a good feel for everything and I got to see everything. Taking official visits gives you a much better feel for the place and I got all the questions answered that I wanted to know."

Most players want to know how they fit in at a particular school and Gorham is no different. "I thought I fit in real well with the players. I had a great time with them. My host was Joe Brockington. He's a real good guy. I liked hanging out with the players a lot."

The corner prospect also spent some time with Coach Walters and Coach Willingham. "I got to spend a lot of time with Coach Walters. He and I went over their defense and he explained what they do. It's a good defense and I liked what I saw from that. I also got to spend a lot of time with Coach Willingham. My mom and I spent an hour and a half with him. He's a great guy and my mom loved him."

Gorham lists the game atmosphere as his favorite highlight of the visit. "I loved the game atmosphere. I really enjoyed that part of it. I wanted to go and see what a game was like there and that was a lot of fun. You do want them to win but it doesn't really change how I feel about Notre Dame. I really liked the game atmosphere."

Virginia is slated as his next official visit. "I go to Virginia this weekend. I was going to go to Georgia Tech the next weekend but my schedule got changed so I'll have to find another date for that. I think they play at home either the next weekend or the following weekend so I'll probably go to that game. I'll visit both Virginia and Georgia Tech before I decide."

Gorham says he loved his visit but needs something to compare it to. "I can't really say who leads at this point. I need to look at the other two schools before I decide. I did feel real comfortable at Notre Dame and felt I could fit in there very well. I liked what I've seen there."

Comments: The visit seemed to be a big success. Gorham seemed to really like his visit and felt he fit in well with the players and coaches. The Virginia visit looms large here because we think Virginia is the main competition for his signature. We'll have to wait and see what he thinks of the Cavaliers before getting a good idea of which team leads.

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