Five Star CB Likes The Irish

Five Star CB prospect Cortney Grixby updates us on his season, and the recruiting process. Plenty of coaches have been calling. Have the Notre Dame coaches been in contact?

Cortney Grixby has been having a rough season so far. His Central HS (Omaha, NE) are 1-3 with losses the No. 1, No. 3, and No. 7 rated teams in Nebraska. The brutal schedule has left Grixby dissappointed in the losses, but his spirits are not low. "Our schedule has been brutal" said Grixby. "We've played some pretty tough schools early in the season. We probably should've beated the number seven team. They won by two touchdowns, but it's because they intercepted the ball on our ten yard line while we were driving, and returned it to their own one [yard line]. That was a huge swing, and we never recovered."

Recruiting is starting to heat up for Grixby. He has received scholarship offers from Colorado, Iowa State, and Kansas State, but he's focusing on four other schools. "I like Iowa, UCLA, Notre Dame, and Nebraska" said Grixby. "I've been to Iowa already, and I really enjoyed my visit. Me and my mother are in the process of setting up a visit to UCLA. I think that will be sometime in December but I'm not sure." All of the schools that were mentioned have offered Grixby with the exception of Notre Dame.

Has Grixby heard from the Notre Dame coaches? "I haven't talked to the Notre Dame coaches, but they have called a couple times. I just keep missing their phone calls. They called and talked to my [High School] coach too. They told him that I passed through admissions and they want me to come for a visit. I was really excited about that. The last time I talked to the [Notre Dame] coaches they were talkin about offering me a scholarship. But I know there is a process for Notre Dame to get students cleared through admissions first before they can offer a scholarship. I'm glad I was cleared."

One thing Grixby made clear was he's not a lock for Nebraska. "A lot of people think that because I'm from Nebraska that I'll automatically go to Nebraska. I grew up cheering for Nebraska, but that doesn't make me a lock. Just because I grew up a fan, doesn't mean I'm not going to check out all of my options. I'm going to go where I feel most comfortable with the coaches and team. I'm keeping all of my options open right now. My visits will determine where I'll go to school next year. I know I'll just feel it when a school is right for me. It will just come to me."

Comments: Grixby really is wide open at this moment. He seems to be set on the four (Iowa, UCLA, ND, and Nebraska) and Iowa probably has a slight lead since he's already visited. He was happy about the good news his coach gave him about Notre Dame and hopefully he'll be around the next time the Notre Dame coaches call. IrishEyes will be keeping a close watch on Grixby's recruiting, and will keep you updated on the situation. More should be known if he decides to visit South Bend which seems likely at this point. Top Stories