Southerland Still Interested in Irish

Norcross, GA running back prospect Brannan Southerland is off to a good start and is set to face another Irish prospect and friend head-to-head this Friday as his Greater Atlanta Christain School will take on Darius Walker's Buford high school in what should be a great game. I'm sure an Irish coach will be watching this game checking out both players this weekend.

Brannan Southerland is off to a good start so far. "We lost last week 24-21. They scored with 20 seconds left to go so that was bad. Before the game, I had 260 yards rushing, six touchdowns, 50 yards receiving and 25 tackles in three games."

Southerland's team now faces Buford which is home to Darius Walker. "We're good friends. We've kind of grown up together. He lives about a mile down the street from me. We've played together and against each other since being 9 years old. It's going to be a tough game but we definitely have a chance."

Southerland has also been dealing with his recruiting. "I didn't talk to Notre Dame last week. I haven't spoken to them this week either. I think they called last week but I wasn't home. I'm still interested in Notre Dame. I loved my visit there."

The fullback prospect says he only has one visit set so far. "I'm going to Oklahoma on November 7th. I plan to take some unofficial visits for games. It's hard to make official visits even during an off-week so I'm just taking unofficial visits to see what a game is like. I'm going to Georgia this Saturday. I'm going to FSU on October 11th when they play Miami. I want to try to catch a game at Florida too."

Southerland says he's really down to Georgia, Florida State, Oklahoma, Auburn, Florida as well as Notre Dame. "I don't know when I'll decide. Sometime after my Oklahoma visit. I might wait and take a few more official visits. As soon as I know where I want to go I'll commit."

His Notre Dame visit made a big impression on him but he had said earlier he might want to stay closer to home. "I loved my visit to Notre Dame. I loved the game, the coaches, the players, everything about it. It might be too far away, I don't know, it might not be. That might be the deciding factor. I doubt I'll find another school like Notre Dame. If Notre Dame is the right school for me, it won't be too far away."

Comments: I do think the distance might be an issue for Brannan. The Irish coaches can overcome this issue I believe but I do think it is an issue. Should be a heck of a game this week. Wish I could attend. Top Stories