Byrd Focusing on Season

Sugar Land, TX offensive line prospect Tyrone Byrd had a rough start to his season but his Hightower high school team has turned their season around sitting at 2-2. Byrd says he's focusing on his season and recruiting will have to wait. Will the Irish get a visit from Byrd?

Tyrone Byrd says his team has turned everything around. "We struggled earlier but we're 2-2 right now. My coach says I've been playing real good but there is always room for improvement. We just kind of took it to that extra level. I just try to play like a boxer. I'll beat you physically and mentally and just when you think I'm out of gas, I'll hit you with one punch and lay you out."

Byrd says his season is all he is focusing on. "My team needs me to focus on my season. We have a good window to make the playoffs and make a run in the playoffs. I can't be focusing my attention on anything but this season and my school work. I'll set my visits after my season."

The phone has been ringing at Byrd's house but he says his mom is getting to know the coaches better than he has. "I'm just not around much when they call. My mama talks to them all. They are getting to know her really well. I usually come home, eat, do my homework and then fall asleep."

Tyrone Willingham has spoken to his mom according to Byrd. "Yeah, she talked to him last week. She really liked him. She said he was a really nice man and she really liked his personality."

Does Byrd still plan to visit Notre Dame? "Yes sir, I tell people I have an offer from Notre Dame and they say 'what are you waiting for? You'd be crazy not to go to Notre Dame.' I'll take a visit there for sure."

Byrd says he doesn't have a top five at this point. "You know, it kind of rotates. I'll think I have a top five and then I talk to someone and it changes. I haven't set up any official visits yet. I've talked to some coaches about setting them but I haven't set any yet. Once I have an idea on my top five, I'll set up some visits."

Comments: The Irish look pretty good for Byrd. I think LSU is another school that looks good for Byrd. The Irish will have to get him on campus but I bet he won't be visiting until January as he's pretty set on taking his visits after the season. Top Stories