Crum has Notre Dame in His Top Five

Maurice Crum, the standout LB for Tampa Technical HS (Fl.) has been keeping himself pretty busy. His team is 2-2 so far, and recruiting is starting to heat up for the outstanding LB prospect. Crum discussed his plans and top five with IrishEyes.

For Maurice Crum, recruiting is going pretty well. He's hearing from a host of different schools up and down the East Coast and Midwest, but has things pretty much narrowed down. "Well, right now it's Michigan State, Notre Dame, Florida, Pitt, and Georgia Tech"" said the 6'0 210lb Crum. "Those are my top five."

Crum really has not had the time to focus on recruiting like he would like to, but that will change soon. "I've only had time to set up one visit so far" said Crum. "I'm going to Michigan State this weekend for their game. When I come home, I'm going to set up some more visits. I'm going to do that real soon."

What does Crum think of Notre Dame? "Notre Dame will definately get a visit. I like Notre Dame, and I talk to Coach Simmons alot. I spoke to him earlier in the week. Their recruiting me as an outside linebacker like all of the other schools recruiting me."

Crum is academically qualified with a 3.2 GPA and 860 SAT which he'll be retaking.

Comments: Crum was a real great kid to talk with. We will know much more about Crum once he takes a few visits. He likes Notre Dame, and it's good to know that he will visit South Bend. IrishEyes will keep on top of Crum to find out when he'll be visiting Notre Dame, and to see how his othe visits have gone. Top Stories