Brown Sets Official Visit to Notre Dame

Madison, AL defensive end prospect David Brown has kicked off his season and still has found time to keep up with recruiting. The 6-3, 265-pound defensive lineman has made a number of unofficial visits this fall and has set two official visits including one to Notre Dame. When will Brown be visiting Notre Dame?

David Brown has already kicked off his season. "We're 3-2 right now," said Brown. "I don't have my stats, you'd have to call my coach. I've been playing a lot of positions this year. I've played every position along the line on defense and I'm playing left tackle and tight end on offense."

Brown has had a busy schedule on his weekends too. "I've made a bunch of unofficial visit so far. It's been great because it really opens your eyes to a lot of schools."

The Madison, AL native has been to Auburn, Alabama, Vanderbilt and Tennessee so far this fall.

"It was impressive," said Brown of his Alabama visit. "Even after they lost, the fans were still behind the players. It was nice to see that. I liked the coaches and the players. I'd say they were high on my list."

"That was pretty impressive too," said Brown of Vanderbilt. "They have a great school. They are making some changes in their athletic programs and I think they'll be changes for the better."

"It was a really good game," said Brown of his Tennessee visit. "When you hear 105,000, it's just a number. You can't picture it until you are there. I was in the front row and the noise was crazy. My ears were ringing for days afterwards. I liked it there."

Brown also visited Georgia and Georgia Tech over the summer as well as Notre Dame.

Notre Dame is a school Brown remains interested in. "We set up a trip there for the BYU game (November 15th). I'm really looking forward to seeing a game there. I also set up a visit to LSU on October 25th."

Brown also says he has a week off from school and he will do some thinking then. "We have a week off and I'm going to sit down and try to narrow my list down. Alabama will probably get an official visit. After that, I really don't know who I will visit. I plan on taking all five but you never know."

Brown says he's wide open right now. "The visits have really opened my eyes and my parent's eyes. This will be a hard decision for me and I never thought I would be in this position."

Comments: The Irish get a visit and that is a good sign. I do think Brown has been impressive with football in the South and the Irish will have to show him all the positive of Notre Dame to stay in the race. Distance has been the biggest minus about Notre Dame for Brown so the Irish will have to overcome that objection. Hopefully they will. Top Stories