Budinscak Says He Needs to be More Productive

Steady performer is often heard when discussing defensive end Kyle Budinscak. The 6-4, 270 pound senior has had a steady career at Notre Dame and is second on the team in sacks for the Irish. Budinscak spoke with Irish Eyes this week about practice, the attitude of the team, and his performance against Purdue.

"It's going pretty well," said Budinscak about the Irish practices. "We haven't gotten to a full game plan yet this week, but we are working hard on our techniques. We're giving the young guys a chance to get some real game experience by scrimmaging them a lot. We've gotten healthy, but at the same time, we haven't had a week off by any means."

After suffering their third loss of the season, the Irish could begin to develop a losing attitude. When asked about the team's attitude, Kyle stated, "You know, like I am sure coach has said we need to have the attitude of a team that is 3-1 (or) 4-0. We know we are a good team and we have to get past the things we've done in the first few weeks. I don't think there is anybody on this team that is obviously happy with the way they have played, plus the way the team has played. So everybody right now is positive. Everybody is ready to go out and win and play Notre Dame football."

Several of the players Irish Eyes has talked with often use the term "shooting ourselves in the foot" to explain why plays did not work or the team has not played up to expectations. Budinscak says the Irish just need to execute and they aren't far off from doing that. "Well, every position is different in so far as how you can shoot yourself in the foot. I know as a defensive front, we need to stop making the little mistakes that keep us from big plays and sacks. Some of the times you watch the game film and it's the little things. If we were a little more disciplined or if we had executed a little better, we would have made a big play. It's frustrating and we need to eliminate all of that and go out there and play flawless football. Of course, you are always looking for flaws, but I think a better away to approach it is not to say, one play cost us the game or one play did that. I think we need to revamp the whole way we approach a ballgame right now. I think we definitely need to get more excitement and come out there with more intensity. We have to start playing with a little more excitement on both sides of the ball and those things will take care of themselves."

The Bridgewater, NJ native said he has set some personal goals but he needs to play a lot better to reach his goals. "I've set a lot of personal goals for this year, but unfortunately I am not on pace right now to accomplish those so that's something I'm not happy with by any means. I am going to use the next eight games of the season to do some catch up and hopefully play some big time football."

Budinscak finished the Purdue game with just three tackles and he said he needs to be much more productive to help his team. "Of course I wasn't happy at all. I thought there were times things happened out there that should never have happened to me at this point in my career. I was very disappointed at times in the way I played and would like to have been more productive and I'm certainly not happy and that's the bottom line."

The Irish had the week off with a bye week last week. Budinscak said the team would take the weekend to prepare for Pittsburgh. "It almost doesn't matter. Whatever we are given, we will use to our advantage. If we have a week off, we will get all the benefit we can. You take what you get and run with it. We will meet again Sunday to watch game film and work out. This weekend we will watch film individually. A day off is good once in awhile, even when you want to get out there and start proving some things. Of course, there are a lot of positives to having some time off, but we want to make sure when we come back on Tuesday we're not rusty. We want to be more ready to go than we've ever been."

The Irish will face a big challenge against Pittsburgh. The duo of Rod Rutherford and Larry Fitzgerald will be a huge test. However, if Kyle and the rest of the defensive front pick up the pace and put the pressure on Rutherford, the Irish could come away with a much needed win.

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