Brohm Still Unsure on Visit Date

Loiusville, KY quarterback prospect Brian Brohm has had a rough start to his season. His team is currently 2-4 but are back to their winning ways. Brohm also hasn't scheduled any official visits yet but he should be taking a visit to Notre Dame very soon. When will Brohm visit Notre Dame?

Brian Brohm has had a rough start to his season. "We're 2-4 right now," said Brohm. "We won last weekend 42-10. I didn't throw as much because it was kind of a blowout. I had around 200 yards and one touchdown."

Brohm says he will visit Notre Dame, he's just not sure when. "I'm definitely visiting. I know we've talked about the USC or the Florida State game. It will probably be the USC game but I need to check my schedule and see which one works out best. I know I will be there for one of those games though."

Offensive coordinator Bill Diedrick also watched Brohm's game last week. "Yeah, he was here. He watched the game and watched me work out before the game and during warmups. I didn't talk to him but he was there."

Brohm says he's narrowed his list down and he'll probably start setting up some visits. "Tennessee, Louisville, Kentucky and Illinois are probably the other schools I'll visit. I probably won't take those visit until after the season."

Brohm says he doesn't have a leader at this point. "Those five schools," said Brohm when asked for a leader. "I really haven't narrowed it down from there. Nobody is really standing out from the others right now."

Comments: The first step is the visit and it looks like he'll be in early. I do think it's important for Brohm to see the atmosphere. I would also say he seems more excited about Notre Dame than he has been lately which is a good sign. I think he views the Notre Dame quarterback situation as an attractive situation. We'll know more after he visits. We expect him in for USC. Top Stories