Hinds Set For Visit to Notre Dame

Quarterback prospect Rocky Hinds has had a rough few months. He tore his A.C.L. in fall camp and has had to sit out his senior season with injury. That hasn't stopped schools from recruiting Hinds and Notre Dame remains interested. Hinds has scheduled an official visit to Notre Dame and plans to take a few others before deciding. When is Hinds visiting Notre Dame?

Rocky Hinds says it's been hard watching his St. Bernard high school team play without him. "It's been real hard," said Hinds. "They're doing good, they're 3-1 right now. The one game we lost was real close and I know I could've helped my team win that game. I could've helped them a lot and that makes it hard to watch."

Hinds says he is rehabbing his injury and his rehab is ahead of schedule. "At first they told me 4-6 months but I'm ahead of that schedule. I don't know if I'll be able to play this year but I'm hoping I can."

The Playa Del Ray, CA prospect says he recently talked to offensive coordinator Bill Diedrick about Notre Dame. "He called last week. He told me to just keep working and to make sure I keep my grades up. I'm visiting there on November 1st for the Florida State game."

Hinds says he hasn't schedule any other official visits yet. "Washington, USC, UCLA and Notre Dame are still my top schools. I know I'll set up an official visit to Washington. I won't visit UCLA and USC because they are so close. I'll probably take some official visits to some other schools but those four are my top four right now."

Notre Dame is high on his list but he will take this visit to get a better idea of what Notre Dame is like. "I like their tradition a lot. I liked Coach Willingham. I think it's a good opportunity for me but you never know until you get there. I'm going to check out everything. What the school is like, the game atmosphere, the weather. I just want to find out what everything is like up there."

Comments: Like Brohm, the visit is the first step. Hinds seems pretty open right now and not leaning to any particular school. We will know a lot more after his visit to Notre Dame. California kids either like Notre Dame or can't see themselves living in South Bend. The Irish should know shortly after his visit where they stand with Hinds.

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