Bryant Counting New Statistics

At 6'3 240lbs, James Bryant is known as a very intimidating player and a ferocious hitter. The Reading HS star is rated the number six linebacker prospect by The Insiders (4 stars) and colleges have been lining up to talk to him. Are the Irish in the mix?

Reading HS has come out of the gate strong with a 6-0 record and that's Bryant's main concern. "My team is undefeated right now and that's all I care about" said Bryant. "Our defense hasn't given up any points yet, and our offense has scored 265 point so far (44/game average). All I care about is winning football games right now."

Reading HS success has a lot to do with Bryant's performance on the field. The do everything linebacker has been all over the field, and his stats show it. "I'm averaging 13 tackles a game, I have 8 sacks, 4 force fumbles, 4 fumble recoveries, 2 interceptions and 11 body count" said Bryant." What's a body count? "Body count is the number of people I've knocked out of the game. I'm up to eleven right now, and I should have a few more after our next game."

College coaches have been lining up to talk to Bryant. Michigan, Michigan State, Pitt, Maryland, Iowa, Ohio State, and Virginia Tech are just some of the schools that have offered Bryant. They call, but he's not really hearing what they have to say though. "Coaches call, and I let them talk, but I'm not really paying them any attention for the most part. Most times what they say goes in one ear, and out the other. I'm just so focused on my season right now that I don't want any distractions. I'm not even thinking about recruiting. I just want to win a state title. I've been playing for all these years, and my rings are still naked. I want to be able to put a ring on my finger this year. I want the state title.

Though Bryant isn't concerned with recruiting, if admitted Notre Dame has shown interest. "They came by a while ago to look at me. They saw my SAT score, and went running" he laughed. "But now things have changed. I have close to an 1100 on my SAT now, but I don't think they know that."

IrishEyes will be watching Bryant closely for the rest of the season to see if Notre Dame gets back in the hunt, and to see how high that body count gets.

Comments: Bryant honestly isn't taking recruiting seriously at all. He talked almost the entire time about his season. He was so excited. He wanted to play last night. Notre Dame is aware of Bryant's abilities, and he said he'll contact the ND Football office once his season is over to inform them of the SAT score. Not much more will be known until after the season. Top Stories