Jones Still Interested in Notre Dame

Homestead, FL star tailback Charlie Jones has been battling injuries at the start of his season. Jones is finally healthy and showing why he is a hot prospect at South Dade high school. The 5-11, 200-pound running back has scheduled a few visit and remains interested in Notre Dame.

Charlie Jones has had a slow start to his season. He has been injured and has missed one game and only had a few carries in other games. "I'm back healthy now and had a good game last week. I rushed for 238 yards and 2 touchdowns. I think I have 422 yards on the year so far."

Jones has also been taking care of a little bit of recruiting. "I set a visit to Ohio State on December 5th. I've also set a visit to Florida on January 9th. I know I'll visit Miami for sure and probably Notre Dame and Michigan."

The Homestead, FL native says he will set those visits when he speaks to the coaches again. "I haven't been home much lately so I haven't talked to many coaches. I haven't spoken to the Notre Dame coaches lately. I will try to set up some visits when I speak to them again."

Jones says he plans to take all five visits right now. "I think I'll take all five, we'll see. I'm not ready to commit anywhere yet. Miami is still my leader. I've been to a couple of games there this year already. I'll take a few visits and see where I'm at."

Comments: It's still a long-shot that anyone would take Jones from Miami. The Irish might get a visit but even if they do, we don't see Jones going anywhere but Miami. The first step is setting a visit. We'll see if the coaches can get that set up. Top Stories