Recent Contract No Concern or Solace To Davie

Bob Davie said Sunday he gets enjoyment by feeling "I'm coaching my ass off." He says, "I'm all about ball." Davie's comments came in response to a question about whether he feels concern over or takes solace in the new contract he signed last December.

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September 30, 2001

 Recent Contract No Solace or Concern to Davie

 By The IrishEyes.Com NewsService

Irish head coach Bob Davie says he does not have concern over nor does he take solace from the new five-year contract he signed last December with Notre Dame.

"I don't worry about that. I grind it," Davie said at his Sunday news conference when asked if the contract has become a factor. "Whether there's a (multi-year) contract or not, I'm all about ball. I'm about taking that tape and looking at that tape and what kind of team are we.

"I don't sit back and look at the big picture or all those kinds of things and feel real good about this or real bad about that. I get my enjoyment by feeling I'm coaching my ass off, and when I feel I'm coaching my ass off is when I take that tape and I look at it and see we're getting better.

Davie was asked the question in the context of Irish fans increasingly sounding off that the team's problems are due to coaching and that the Irish should look for another coach to head it's program.

"I don't pay a damn bit of attention to what people on the outside say because I understand none of them know," Davie said. "I've got tremendous confidence in my abilities and I'm pretty perceptive when it comes to things. That's why I'm telling you right now. We're not getting it done."

Many people, including the media, refer to Kevin White giving Davie a five-year extension last December. In fact, it was a new five-year contract, which eclipsed the then-two years Davie had remaining on his existing contract.

In effect, the new contract runs through 2005.

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