Davie To Take Over Offense?

Bob Davie says his offense is anemic and, at times, looks "like a Chinese fire drill." That's one of the reasons he says he will take a greater role in providing "some direction." Read it here.

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September 30, 2001

Offense Looks Like 'Chinese Fire Drill'; Davie To Take Over?

By The IrishEyes.Com NewsService

Criticizing his offense as "anemic" and looking "like a Chinese fire drill," Bob Davie says he will get more involved in offensive philosophy and scheme.

 He didn't give details, but it's clear that Davie will take some of the planning away from offensive coordinator Kevin Rogers, whose offense has been pitiful so far in Notre Dame's 0-3 season.

"I don't want to make that (his statements about involvement with the offense) too dramatic, but certainly I have a responsibility to provide some direction," Davie said at his Sunday wrapup news conference. "If you're going to be as conservative as we are, you better execute at a high level and we're not doing that.

"There's a lot of soul-searching going on. It's time for us to really do a lot of looking into the mirror. We're well intentioned but that doesn't get you much at this level of football. We've got to get some things solved. We need some direction right now on offense, and I'm going to provide that direction."

Davie said he has "never seen a more simple plan on defense" than the one which Texas A&M ran against the Irish.

"It doesn't look like we're going to generate a big play on our own, so you just sit back there and be pretty vanilla and see if we can make a play," Davie said. "You become so anemic, there's no fear on the defense. You make it easy on the defense.

"We haven't been able to make people panic against us." Davie said Carlyle Holiday, who made his first start on Saturday, will continue to be the starter and should be okay to play when the Irish host Pittsburgh next. Holiday left the game at halftime, and wore a neck brace with street clothes on the sidelines during the second half.

 Davie said there was no serious injury, however, and offered the curious explanation that the Irish offensive scheme may have fatigued him early.

 "We did a little too much with him early," Dave said. "We put all of it on his shoulders. That's fine down the road but in that situation, we just got him gassed so early."

 Davie said he is not so bothered by the fact that the Irish are 0-3, but the fact they are playing so poorly.

 "We look like a poorly coached football team. That's hard for me to swallow and hard for me to say," Davie said. "There are way too many plays where it looks like a Chinese fire drill."

While Davie said the coaches are accountable for the sloppy play, players must be accountable as well. "There were far too many (offensive) busts," Davie said of the woeful offense, which produced only 70 yards rushing and 191 total net yards against A&M.

"We don't look like an oiled-up operation. That's our responsibility as coaches. "I want to make sure we have a bank of fundamentals and a bank of confidence in the things we're going to do."


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