Quinn Talks About Start Number Two

Freshman quarterback, Brady Quinn, displayed a lot of promise in his first varsity start against the Purdue Boilermakers. His performance helped jumpstart a passing offense that has been dormant so far this season. Quinn was under constant pressure from the Purdue defense and showed he can withstand the punishment. Irish Eyes talked with Brady as he is preparing for Pitt and his second start as the Irish quarterback.

With the Irish passing game beginning to show life and reports indicating Pitt's pass defense has been suspect, it is hoped the Irish can take advantage of this situation. When asked about this, Brady responded, "Looking at the statistics, we think Pitt is pretty tough against the pass, and we feel we need to work on our running game and definitely pick it up on the offensive all together."

To be a winning football team, the Irish must have a strong and consistent running game to compliment the passing game. Brady was asked about this and stated, "It helps a lot. Definitely. When you have a balanced offense, it keeps the defense more on their toes. We always talk about a balanced offense and just execute in everything we do."

All of the players Irish Eyes has talked with during the bye week indicated it was a good thing and came at the right time in the season. Brady agrees with this and feels, "it gives you more time to prepare and, obviously, rests our bodies. I know I feel a lot better, a lot more rested. Basically I think it has helped us a great deal."

Brady was able to spend some time at home in Dublin, Ohio, during this past weekend. We asked him what was it like returning home as the Notre Dame starting quarterback. Brady laughed and said, "It was good. I really just tried to keep it low-key. I visited with all my family members and huddled up with my close friends and coaches. So it was a good visit, obviously; except it's never long enough, but it was good getting to see everyone."

Moving from the role as backup quarterback to starting quarterback has resulted in some changes for Brady. He shared these thoughts, "Things haven't really changed much. I have the same work ethic and also I'll be focusing in more, physically and mentally. You get more reps so obviously you will be focusing more on your footwork and different fundamentals, but basically nothing has changed."

The respect between Brady and Carlyle continues to be strong and Brady reported Carlyle gives him advice. "Definitely, he is always giving me advice and helping me out with things. So plus just watching him every time he's in there, I always catch something he does. He's just a great leader and a good person to follow."

The preparations for the Pitt game are almost complete and so Brady was asked about the offensive plan. He smiled and responded, "I don't know if we are supposed to reveal that type of information. I really can't answer that right now, sorry."

If Brady continues to show the same poise on the field as he does when being pressured by the media, he is destined for a long and successful career as the Fighting Irish quarterback.

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