Gorham Still Taking Visits

<P>Pottstown, PA prospect Chris Gorham has already taken visits to Notre Dame and Virginia. Gorham is trying to schedule a few other visits before making his decision. What is the latest with Gorham? </P>

Chris Gorham has already visited Notre Dame and Virginia. "I liked both schools a lot," said Gorham. I didn't feel more comfortable at one or the other. They were pretty much the same. I felt real comfortable at both schools."

We haven't spoken to Gorham since his Virginia visit. Gorham said he enjoyed the visit. "I liked it. I had a good time. I liked the game atmopshere and it was a good game. I got to hang out with the players and see what life is like there. I liked it."

Gorham had set a visit to Georgia Tech that had to be canceled. "They rescheduled one of my games to a Saturday. I have set a date yet but I've been talking to them. They have a couple of off-weeks so I might have to take my visits during that instead of a game. I hope to have that set up soon."

Another school has recently come into the picture. "Minnesota just offered me. I might take a visit there. I don't know yet, I'll wait and see what happens."

Gorham says he won't name a leader until he's made all his visits. He said he will take his Georgia Tech visit for sure and will decide soon if he wants to visit Minnesota.

Comments: Gorham didn't give us any indication of leaning one way or another. I still think Virginia has the slight lead although he never gave us a reason to think that. We think the race is real close right now and Georgia Tech or Minnesota could jump into the lead after a good visit. We'll keep and eye on Gorham. Don't expect a decision soon.

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