Notre Dame Offers Derell Jenkins?

Derell Jenkins impressed a slew of college coaches this past Friday. Rumor going around the practice field is that Notre Dame was the latest to offer a scholarship.

Derell Jenkins put his talents on display this past Friday at an afternoon practice. Several college coaches were also on hand to check out Jenkins and a slew of Raider D-1 prospects.

Jenkins threw darts for about an hour and then had the college recruiters shaking their heads when he took off running with the ball.

Jenkins is a dual-threat quarterback that's going to make a coaching staff very happy come February. Jenkins threw for 2,000 yards as a junior and he's looking to equal that mark in 2001. Derell says he still doesn't have a leader.

I'm open right now." Jenkins said. Northwestern, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Bowling Green and Western Michigan have offered me a scholarship.

Michigan, Northwestern and Wisconsin are my top three. I'm also looking at Notre Dame and Michigan. I don't have any of my visits yet.

Assistant coach and offensive coordinator, Gordon Acton knows where his prized quarterback would be a good fit.

"I think Derell is taylor made to run the Northwestern offense. Plus Northwestern has a great education." Acton said.

Notre Dame is rumored to be close to offering a scholarship. Clemson is now interested in Jenkins and several other schools will make a bid soon.

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