Brohm Set For Official Visit To Notre Dame

Louisville, KY quarterback Brian Brohm has set his official visit to Notre Dame. After a rough start to his senior season, Brohm is back on track picking defenses apart with his arm. When will Brohm be visiting Notre Dame?

"I'm coming up this weekend," said Brohm. "I'm real excited about the visit and the game. That was pretty much why I picked this weekend. It will be the best game of the year to see them and one of the most anticipated."

Brohm has his team back on track after a slow start. His team is now 3-4. "We won last week 48-3. We're starting to play like we can play. I was 22-33 for 331 yards and three touchdowns."

Brohm says he's been watching the Irish and watched the game last week. "They are coming along. They have a young offense but I'm liking their new offense. They are starting to put it together and that is a good sign."

Some speculate that Brady Quinn starting might have a negative impact on Brohm. "Well, we'll have to go up there and talk to them about it. They've told me that whoever signs will probably be number two right away so I like that. I'm just looking for the opportunity to compete. I just want to hear that the job will be open and I'd have a shot to win the job."

Brohm hasn't set any other visits at this point. "I haven't set any yet. I think I'll do that after my season. I'll take the rest of my visits after the season."

Comments: Brohm has recently shown much more interest in the Irish. I think Notre Dame has a good shot to sign him. A good showing this weekend and hearing the right things should put the Irish in the driver's seat. We'll speak with Brohm after his visit. Top Stories