Schweiger Still Interested in Irish

San Jose, CA prospect Jeff Schweiger is having a solid senior season. The 6-5, 250-pound prospect is known as one of the top defensive prospects in the country and is having the senior season to prove it. Will Schweiger visit Notre Dame?

Jeff Schweiger is having an impressive senior season. "We're 4-1 right now," said Schweiger. "In four games, I have 52 tackles, eight sacks and eight tackles for loss."

Schweiger says he won't be taking any visits until after his season. "I've already taken one visit to Michigan. I liked it there. I probably won't take any other visits until after my season. I don't have any set up yet. I will do that towards the end of my season."

Who will Schweiger visit? "I want to visit my top five. Michigan, Notre Dame, USC, Oklahoma and Miami."

Schweiger says he hasn't heard much from Notre Dame lately. "I haven't talked to them much. I'm hearing the least from them out of all of the schools. I'd think it would be hard to call kids when you are losing. I am getting the most letters from them out of anyone. I haven't been home much so maybe I'm missing their calls."

Some suggest that Schweiger is a lock to USC. "People say that all the time but that is not true. I don't think I'm a lock for anyone right now. Oklahoma and USC would probably be my leaders but I'm not a lock for anyone."

Schweiger says he might not take all five visits when all is said and done. "I think I might just take two or three more. I know I'll visit Oklahoma and USC. After that, we'll see what happens."

When we first talked to Schweiger, he told us he was a big Notre Dame fan. "I was a big Notre Dame fan. It was the school I was most exposed to. I used to watch them all the time."

If the Irish show more interest, will Schwiger visit Notre Dame? "It's a possibility. I haven't heard much from them but I haven't been home. We'll wait and see."

Comments: I don't know why Notre Dame hasn't called. Everyone thinks Schweiger will end up at USC but I think Oklahoma has a real shot. Hopefully the Irish can get back in the race. I think a phone call would secure a visit but maybe the Irish think it's a long shot at best to sign him. Top Stories