McCoy Remains Interested in Notre Dame

Klein Forrest high school in Houston, TX is home to Bobby McCoy. The 6-2, 175-pound speedster is known for having the knack of making the big play. The wide receiver prospect hasn't seen the ball much this year but his team is 6-0 and he has no complaints. Will McCoy visit Notre Dame?

Bobby McCoy hasn't touched the ball much this year. "I don't know all my stats," said McCoy. "I know I have 15 catches and four touchdowns. I don't know how many yards I have."

McCoy hasn't set any visits yet and hasn't begun to narrow his list down. "I don't have any visits set yet. My list isn't large but I haven't begun to narrow them down yet."

Is he still interested in Notre Dame? "Yeah, I'm interested. I haven't been home so I haven't talked to them lately but I'm still interested. I'll probably take a visit there. They have a lot of tradition and I like that. I watched one of their games this year and liked what I saw."

McCoy says he remains interested in a number of schools. "A&M, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kansas State and Texas Tech are some of the other schools I'm interested. All of them have offered me except Tennessee."

The Houston prospect says recruiting will have to wait until after his season. "I'm not worrying about it right now. I'll set my visits after my season and take my visits in December and January."

Comments: The Irish remain on his list. McCoy doesn't get too excited about anyone so it's hard to get a feel for which teams he really likes right now. We'll keep an eye on him and we think he'll take a visit to Notre Dame." Top Stories