Ageyman Waiting for More Offers

Roselle Illinois is home to one of the midwest's top football prospects in Kwame Ageyman. Ageyman has offers from a few of the top teams in the area, and is looking to get more.

Kwame Ageyman, the 5'10 190lb Safety prospect has his team out and running. His Lake Park HS team is out to a 6-1 start, and Ageyman is a big reason for that. "So far on the year I have about 50 tackles" said Ageyman. "I also have six passes defended, one interception, four block punts, and four fumble recoveries."

Rumor has it that Michigan leads for Ageyman services. Do they? "Yea, Michigan has a slight lead. I had a really good time when I went there to visit. I'm still keeping all of my options open though."

Has Notre Dame been recruiting Ageyman. "No, I haven't heard from Notre Dame in a while. They don't even send me mail anymore. I guess they decided not to recruit me."

Ageyman still likes Illinois, Louisville, Oregon, and Indiana too. Along with Michigan, do they make his top five? "I don't really have a top five. I just sent out a lot of film from my senior year so I'm expecting to get a few more offers. Once I hear back from a few teams, then I'll make a top five."

Comments: For now, it doesn't appear that Notre Dame will be persuing Mr. Ageyman. He is a great kid to talk with, and I wish him luck with his decision. Top Stories