Richard Loves Vistit To Notre Dame

Destrehan, LA prospect Darryl Richard loved his visit to Notre Dame this weekend. Richard spoke with Irish Eyes to talk about his visit and his future plans for recruiting.

Darryl Richard had a great visit to Notre Dame this weekend. "I had a very good time," said Richard. "I loved the school, the game atmosphere and the people there. I thought I fit in very well with the players and it felt real comfortable there."

Coach Tyrone Willingham also made an impression on Richard. "I've spoken to him before so I kind of knew what to expect. I knew he was a man I would respect and I really respected him and what he had to say. He's very upfront and intelligent. I got a real positive feeling from him."

We asked Richard to rate the visit on a one to 10 scale. "I'd say it was a strong nine."

"I can't think of anything I didn't like about Notre Dame" was Richard's response when asked if he found any negatives about Notre Dame.

Richard also spent a lot of time with defensive line coach Greg Mattison. "I liked him a lot. I spent a lot of time with him. We went over the defense and talked about where I would fit in. They want me as a defensive tackle."

Will the distance be a problem for Richard? "Not at all. I feel I'm going away to school no matter what. I want to get out on my own and to try to survive on my own so distance is not a problem for me at all."

Richard has already set up a few more visits. "I'm going to UCLA on November 16th. I have another visit scheduled to Stanford on January 9th. I'm working on setting up Colorado right now. I will probably take all five of my visits."

Was Richard tempted to commit after his visit to Notre Dame? "I knew going in that I wouldn't commit. It seems like a good place for me and I think it could be a real good fit for me. I want to give other institutions the same chance before I make my decision."

Comments: The Irish staff did a nice job with Richard. He had a great time and I would say the Irish have the lead right now. The staff will have to stay on top of him to hold off any competition. The Irish look good for Richard right now. Top Stories