Brohm Enjoys Visit to Notre Dame

<P>Trinity high school in Louisville, KY is home to Brian Brohm. The 6-4, 200-pound quarterback recently visited Notre Dame and came away impressed with the Irish. Brohm and his Trinity team are back to their winning ways and Brohm seemed excited about his visit to Notre Dame. What are his future plans? </P>

Brian Brohm liked his visit to Notre Dame. "I liked the visit," said Brohm. It showed me a lot. It got me up to date on what is going on there. We had a real good time."

Brohm said he had a chance to visit with Coach Willingham and liked what he heard. "He said that the guy who comes in will be number two right away with a chance to compete with Brady. It's a fairly good situation for me there. It's what I expected them to say. As long as I have the opportunity to compete, that is all I can ask for."

The Louisville native said he felt he fit in well at Notre Dame. "I had a real good time with the players. I thought I fit in well with them. They're my type of people. I was mainly with the freshman and I wanted to see what they were like. I definitely had a good time with them. They're my kind of people."

Brohm also spent some time with quarterback coach Bill Diedrick. "I talked to him the whole trip. We sat down for about an hour. He's a good quarterback coach and the guys he's had at other places have been successful. I think he'd be a great coach to play for."

We asked Brohm to rate his visit on a one to ten scale. "I'd say it was an 8 ½."

Brohm said his parents went with him and they liked the visit as well. "They liked it a lot. They liked the whole experience. They liked the academics a lot and the whole experience."

Brohm says he plans to take the rest of his visits after the season. "I'll take them after my season. I'm strongly considering Notre Dame right now. I'd say Notre Dame with Louisville and Kentucky are the top teams right now."

Trinity high school is back to winning as well. They've won their last four games after a slow start. "We won last week 56-0. I was 24-for-31 for 284 yards and four touchdowns."

Comments: The staff did a nice job on Brohm as well. We'll see if they can hold off the charge. We expect him to take all his visits and hopefully the Irish will be in the race until the end. Top Stories