Byers Back From Irish Visit

Loveland, CO prospect Jeff Byers has completed all five of his official visits with his last visit to Notre Dame this weekend. The 6-4, 280-pound offensive line prospect enjoyed his visit to Notre Dame and decision time nears. What are Byers' plans to make his final decision?

Jeff Byers enjoyed his visit to Notre Dame. "I had a really good time there," said Byers of his visit to Notre Dame. "I got to see what it was all about and it was a really good experience for me."

The players were one of the highlights for Byers on his visit. "I thought I fit in real well with them. They were really my type of guys. The campus was beautiful, the tradition is amazing, I had a lot of fun."

Byers had a chance to sit down with Coach Willingham and the offensive line coaches to discuss where he fits in at Notre Dame. "Coach Willingham told me that I wasn't being recruited for a specific position. They just sign offensive linemen and then plug them in where they think they fit best. I have no preference really, I just want to be on the field."

"I thought the offensive line coaches do a great job there," Byers continued. "They really seem to know their stuff."

Byers' host was freshman John Sullivan. "He's a good guy and I had a good time with him. We talked about how it would be really fun to play next to each other. I thought I fit in real well with all the younger guys."

So what is next for Jeff Byers? "I'm just going to sit down and look at it all. I don't really have a leader. I've taken my five trips and now it's time to evaluate my top choices. I haven't really started that process yet."

Byers said he heard about the rumors that he was going to choose USC. "I don't know where people get the info. The only person I've spoken to about this is my father. He's the only one I speak to about this and I know he hasn't said anything. I think people just guess and then say they know."

Regardless, a decision is coming soon for Byers. "I'll probably announce in a couple of weeks. We'll talk about it and I'll start the process. I should know soon."

Comments: Byers is a classy kid, but a very hard kid to read. I doubt anyone will know from Jeff and his family. If it comes out before hand, it will leak out from the school he chooses most likely. I really have no idea where he is leaning. I think he enjoyed his visit to Notre Dame. Still, I really have no clue—just as he wants it. I wish him the best because he's handled this as well as anyone has in my years of following recruiting. Top Stories