Fasano Making Noise at Tight End

Sophomore tight end, Anthony Fasano, has climbed the depth chart this fall into a starting role at tight end. Fasano had seen some playing time earlier in the year but has earned the starting nod recently with consistent play at tight end. We talked with Fasano after Tuesday's practice and he's excited about the future of the Irish offense.

Offensive coordinator, Bill Diedrick, says Fasano has earned the starting nod with his consistent play recently. "I'm pleased with his progress," said Diedrick of Fasano. "He's been involved a little bit more in the offense. He's made the good progress where he's knocked those other guys out of the starting job."

Anthony Fasano says he has made progress this year, but he still has some work to do before he becomes the player he hopes to be. "I think I've definitely made strides in the last year," said Fasano. "I still have a lot to improve, and I think I try to go out and work hard every day, and that's working for me."

Fasano had a career game last week leading the team with four receptions, for 33 yards and his first touchdown in his career. Fasano says the Irish coaches and Brady Quinn have been looking for the tight end more in recent games.

"I think the offense is trying to get the tight end more incorporated," he said. "I think in practice, just catching the balls that he throws, not only me, but other tight ends, gives him confidence in the tight end position."

Fasano says he's starting to get a better feel for the game and playing time is helping him become a better tight end. "I think its more time out on the field, more experience, and just getting used to really playing a game instead of practice."

Fasano committed to Notre Dame even though they had a number of tight ends on scholarship. Fasano said he would find competition no matter where he chose to go to school. "It's like that everywhere. You just have to go out there and work hard every day, and have confidence in yourself to go out there to make plays."

The Verona, NJ native says he's seen a big improvement in Brady Quinn recently. "I think he's always done a real good job since the beginning, but I do think he's walking into the game with a little more confidence. He's a great studier and he knows the other team a lot before he goes out there and that shows on the field."

But what about the touchdown catch? "I was the left tight end, and we just ran a corner route out to the pylon. The safety bit up on the drag route by Rashon (Powers-Neal), the fullback, and Brady just put it out there and I dove for it."

His first score was a memorable one for Fasano, at least for a little bit anyway. "It was, it was very exciting, and I was glad I could help the team out a little bit. We knew the next drive, we had to go back and punch them right back. Unfortunately, we made some mistakes and didn't get it done. It was good for about 10 seconds."

The Irish offense really rose to the occasion in their first two series against USC. Fasano believes this is just the beginning for the offensive, and that good things will soon follow. "It is, and I think the game before that, Pitt, really gave us confidence. We can play like that, and we will play like that. We're really just focusing on Boston College right now."

Ah yes, Boston College. What about Boston College? "We really need a win right now with our record. I think we have a bad taste in our mouth from the game last year. We all think we really gave it away. If you look at the tape, we really dominated the line and we made some crucial mistakes. We didn't really like the disrespect they showed us after the game."


Fasano, and the rest of the Irish, can get rid of that bad taste in their mouths by beating the Eagles this Saturday. Fasano is finding a nice rhythm with quarterback Brady Quinn, and that will give opposing teams something to think about. We have the feeling Irish fans will see a lot more of Fasano in the end zone. Hopefully he can enjoy it a little longer than 10 seconds next time.

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