Allen Smith Had An Amazing Trip

<p>This past weekend was a big weekend for recruits taking official visits. Allen Smith, a offensive tackle prospect from Tempe AZ, would help fill a need on a young offensive line that needs depth. Irish Eyes caught up with Allen to see how his trip went. </p>

Though it is still early in the recruiting process for him, Allen Smith came away impressed with his visit to Notre Dame. "It was nothing short of amazing," he said. "There is so much history behind Notre Dame, but being in the position that I am to get to walk down the tunnel and everything, it was an experience like no other. And being paired up with Ryan Harris was like one of the greatest experiences I've ever had, because he's an outstanding individual. Being able to talk to a true starting freshman, gives you a lot of insight. I felt like I bonded a lot with the team."

Being that it is Notre Dame Football, we asked Allen what he thought about atmosphere on game day. "The type of support they have from alumni and from their fans there was unbelievable," he said. "When you get fans flying in from all over, staying on the plane with me taking the red eye that Friday night just to get to the Notre Dame game, and then all of them lined up hundreds of yards as you walk to the locker room, it was an experience like no other."

At 6'5" and 320lbs, it wasn't hard for Notre Dame fans to realize that he was a recruit and give him a warm welcome. "I got a lot of people saying, hey, go here," he said. "This is the place to be. Also, I ran into a couple of people who knew who I was from reading on the internet, so that was kind of exciting. I think the greatest part of the visit was definitely experiencing a little part of history."

Aside from his physical stature, Allen scored a 1300 on his SAT, so Irish Eyes asked what kind of things was he trying to find out from Coach Willingham during his meeting. "A lot of the questions I had were answered the previous day before," he confessed. "So it was tough trying to figure what kind of questions to ask him, but I asked him a lot of questions about my strengths and weaknesses and where he sees me. Exactly why he think I would be a good addition to the program. And try to get a feel for coach Willingham as a person and I can tell he's an outstanding individual. He was very honest with me and I appreciate that."

And did the meeting go well? "Oh yes definitely," he said. "He answered all my questions the way I expected. He didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, but he told me what was the truth. And that made me feel extremely comfortable. I got a lot of valuable information that makes me really comfortable with him as a coach."

Comments: Allen sure enjoyed his visit. When talks about his visit, he talks like he met the pope, but it's still early in the process for him and being the person that he is, he is giving all the schools he visits the chance to make his case. Irish Eyes thinks Notre Dame is in a good position with him, but a lot of things can happen from now and February. We'll be keeping close tabs with him to see how his recruiting is progressing. Top Stories