Mays Becoming a Factor for the Irish

Irish Eyes talked with Corey Mays, the 6-1 238 pound junior inside linebacker, earlier this week. The Chicago native has been a key player on the Irish special teams during his career and has consistently made big plays. He also has seen playing time as an inside linebacker. We talked with him about practice and preparation for this week's game with Boston College.

Any loss is hard to accept. However, when a team absorbs a loss like this past week against Southern Cal we wondered how players shake this off and asked Corey his thoughts. "The team's attitude is always positive. We are trying to get things done and get things worked out. You just have to shake off the loss. This is football. Teams fall every week and things happen. We just need to come back stronger and smarter than the last week and be better every week."

Many fans have commented that there was nothing positive about the loss to Southern Cal. So we asked Cory for his thoughts and he said, "There are always positives. Nothing is completely negative but, obviously if you are going to be the type of team you want to be, the majority of things need to be positive and you need to keep your confidence up." He also added, "We need to play better and stronger. Just basically be better."

As we mentioned earlier, Cory is an impact player on special teams. In fact he is credited with a partial punt block against Southern Cal. When asked about this Cory laughed and suggested, "I believe I should be credited with a blocked punt." Then he went on to describe the action, "I just used our techniques and did what the coaches have taught us to do, and just make plays whenever we can." Regarding the upcoming game, Corey stated, "I look forward to making another impact by making plays. The biggest change has been a lot more playing time and that's good."

The first half of the regular season is history and not a very positive one. Irish Eyes asked Corey if he and his teammates are feeling the pressure and urgency to win. "Here at Notre Dame, I feel like every game there is an urgency to win. I just think we need to step up and rise to the occasion this week. We just want to go out and play our game and do what we have to do to win." And he added, "To beat Boston College, we need to just play hard and smart, basically to outplay them."

Later in the day, we had the opportunity to ask Coach Willingham about Corey's play and he shared, "I love the progress he is making. Hopefully, somehow, someway, if he keeps that going, we can find ways to involve him in the defense and not just along with special teams, because he had a partial block of a punt last week, and the week before he had a big hit on the kick-off team. So we are excited about what he is doing." Top Stories