Southerland Remains Interested in Irish

Norcross, GA prospect Brannan Southerland is having a solid senior season. The 6-1, 220-pound running back has been focusing on his season, and hasn't had much time to think about recruiting. Where do the Irish stand with Southerland?

Brannan Southerland is having a solid senior season. "My team is 6-2 right now," said Southerland. "I have around 500 yards rushing, 10 touchdowns, and around 82 tackles. I missed one game because I was sick."

Southerland already visited Notre Dame for the Washington State game. "I still have my visit set for Oklahoma on November 7th. That is the only visit I have scheduled right now. I plan on going to the Florida-Florida State game on an unofficial visit."

We asked Southerland what his plans were for recruiting and setting his final visits. "I have three visits left. I'm looking at Florida, Florida State, Georgia, and Auburn. I've been to Georiga, Florida State and Auburn before. I'm not sure when I will set my official visits. I've been focusing on my season so I have had much time to think about recruiting."

Southerland says he's not sure he'll take all five official visits. "There's a good possibilty that I won't take all five. I really don't know right now. I've been to a lot of the schools already. We'll have to wait and see."

Last time we spoke to Southerland, he said that the distance between Atlanta and South Bend might be too much to overcome. "Notre Dame is still one of my top schools. I've thought about that and I've decided that if Notre Dame is the school I want to go to, the distance won't be a problem. Notre Dame has so many advantages that I can't let that get in the way. Notre Dame is still one of my top schools."

We asked Southerland if the Notre Dame season has any impact on how he feels about Notre Dame. "No, it really doesn't. This is Coach Willingham's second season. He just needs to get his players in there. He has a good freshman class. I think the future looks very bright there."

Comments: I would say Notre Dame looks much better for Southerland than they did last time we spoke to him. He's seems to have gotten over the distance problem, and he spoke like the Irish were sincerely one of his top schools. We'll have to see how this plays out. Top Stories