Crum Jr. Plans to Visit Irish

<P>Tampa Bay, FL prospect Maurice Crum has had a rough senior season. Crum suffered a bruised thigh that formed calcium deposits in his thigh. He's been sitting out waiting for the injury to heal, and the wait has been tough on this linebacker prospect. Crum says he's still planning on visiting Notre Dame. </P>

Maurice Crum Jr. says his season hasn't been going well. "Our team hasn't been doing so well. We're 2-6 right now. I've been injured, so I'm not doing very well either. I don't know my stats. I've played in six games, but I've been injured. I think I have around 40 tackles in the games I've played. They moved me to safety this year. I liked playing there."

Crum Jr. visited Michigan State already, but hasn't scheduled any more visits yet. "Michigan State was nice. It's a quiet place, and I'm a quiet guy. I thought I fit in there O.K. It was O.K."

We asked Maurice where he plans to visit, and when he plans to set his visits. "I will visit Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, and Pittsburgh. All have offered me. After that, I'm not sure. I will probably set my visits after the season is over." Crum Jr. also said that Auburn, West Virginia, South Florida, and Michigan State have offered him.

Maurice says he hasn't spoken to Notre Dame recently. "They've been trying to call, but I'm real busy lately. I study, I have church, and I recently got a job."

So where is Crum Jr. working these days? "I'm working at Burger Kind. It's not that bad. Money is money, and it's not that bad." This writer slung tacos for many years so I can relate.

The Tampa native says he remains very interested in Notre Dame. "Oh yeah, I'm very interested in Notre Dame. I think I'll like it there."

Comments. The Irish are setting good with Crum Jr. He's a Notre Dame kid all the way. We expect the Irish to be in the race until the end. Top Stories