Arlich Loved Visit to Notre Dame

mahtomedi, MN prospect, Jerod Arlich, officially visited Notre Dame on Saturday. The 6-4, 246-pound fullback prospect has become a top prospect across the country. What did Arlich think of his visit to Notre Dame?

Jerod Arlich loved his visit to Notre Dame. It was awesome," said Arlich. "The walk to the stadium was breath-taking, it was inspiring."

Arlich said he was very impressed by the fans at Notre Dame. "I was really impressed with their fans. I've been to Madison (Wisconsin), and the fans were amazing at Notre Dame. I couldn't believe how loyal they were. The team was getting beat pretty bad and their students were still cheering. They cheered them at the end of the game, and that was awesome."

The Minnesota native also got to spend time with Coach Willingham. "He's a very charismatic guy. He's a real neat guy. He's inspiring, and a real cool guy to talk to. He really respected the fact that I'm an Eagle scout. He offered me a full scholarship. I was hoping for that, but I wasn't sure I'd get one."

John Carlson was his host for the weekend. "It was good to be with another Minnesota boy. He's a great guy, and we had a lot of fun. All the players were really cool, and they seemed to really get along well, and it didn't matter about age or ability either. Everyone was real cool. You can tell the Notre Dame students are real focused, like me."

Arlich has already been to Colorado on a visit. "I liked that visit a lot, too. That was a lot of fun. I'm learning a lot on my visits so I think I'll take them all."

He does have some rescheduling to do, however. "I have Northwestern on December 5th. Northwestern on December 12th, Wisconsin on December 19th, and Navy on January 11th. Iowa and Stanford have also been trying to get me to visit. I already have four more set up, and I've take two already, so I need to figure out what I'm going to do."

Arlih says he does have a top four right now. "I'd say, Minnesota, Northwestern, Colorado, as well as Notre Dame."

Arlich did mention that the Irish loved that he could do all things. "Coach Preston told me that they loved my film. He said I can run, block, and catch, and they need a guy like that. He said they have to keep switching players because some can't do all the things well."

Comments: The Irish made quite an impression on Arlich. He really seemed to enjoy his visit, and his conversation with Willingham. Expect the Irish to be in the race until the end. Top Stories