Brown Set for Irish Visit

Madison, AL prospect, David Brown, has set most of his official visits for the year. His season is finished, and now he's focusing on recruiting. The Irish will receive his first official visit. Where do the Irish stand with Brown?

David Brown has finished his season. "We almost made the playoffs but we lost," said Brown. "We finished 5-5. I don't know my stats. You'd have to call my coach."

Brown has set up quite a few of his official visits. "I'm going to Notre Dame on November 15th for the BYU game. I have Alabama on December 6th, Georgia on Tech on December 13th, and Georgia on January 9th. I don't know if I will take a fourth visit yet. I've heard it gets pretty hectic in December and January so I might just decide early and avoid all of that."

Brown says he has a top three right now. "I don't really have a leader. I do have a top three. Alabama, Georgia, and Notre Dame are my top schools. I really don't have a leader out of those three."

We reminded Brown he had said earlier that Alabama was his leader. "I wouldn't call them a leader. I'm just the most familiar with them. I've been to Alabama a number of times. I think the first time was in February. I went there over the summer. I've been to a few practices. I went to a game there. So, I know their coaching staff and players the best."

The Irish are still high on his list. "I talk to them every week. I usually talk to Coach Mattison. I wouldn't say they are slipping. I just haven't been there in a long time. I'm sure once I get there, I will remember what I liked so much about Notre Dame. I just need to get up there and refresh my idea about Notre Dame."

Comments: We still believe David favors Alabama at this point. The Irish can overcome that, and he was very impressed with Notre Dame and Coach Willingham the last time he visited Notre Dame. He did say his Dad would like him at Alabama but he's becoming more open to other schools the more he visits them. Top Stories