Lyons Returns From Visit to Michigan State

<P>Devon Lyons' Woodland Hills high school team is still marching their way in the playoffs. Lyons recently visited Michigan State and we thought we'd get his thoughts on his visit to his other co-leader, Michigan State. </P>

Devon Lyons is still playing his senior season. "We are in the second round of the playoffs," said Lyons. "We're 7-3 right now. I have 22 catches for 752 yards and 14 touchdowns. On defense, I have 48 tackles, three interceptions and two fumble recoveries.

Lyons says he enjoyed his visit to Michigan State. "It was real nice. I liked the campus. They want me as a receiver. They run the spread offense and they felt I could come in and make an immediate impact."

Lyons had been on the fence about where he wanted to play. "I'm leaning towards playing receiver right now. I'm still not sure though. I like defense."

We asked Lyons to compare the two visits. "I liked a few things better at each place really. I liked the Michigan State offense a little better. They throw more, where Notre Dame runs the ball more. I liked the Notre Dame campus a little better. Notre Dame is known for having the better defense. The players at Michigan State were more like everyone around here. Notre Dame was more like what I thought college would be like. I felt I could fit in well at either place."

Lyons says he's not sure what he will do with his final visits. "I will probably visit Ohio State and Miami. I'm planning on taking all five visits, we'll see on that. I will set them up soon."

Comments: I'd say both teams are pretty even right now. Miami and Ohio State also appear very much in the race. We might not know for a while what Lyons will end up doing. Top Stories