Germany Playing the Waiting Game

Anthony Germany, the 6'1 185lb defensive back from Oklahoma has helped his team to an 8-1 mark. Recruiting is starting to pick up for the young cornerback prospect. He sports two offers right now, but has sent his film out to a few teams and expects to pick up a few more offers. Notre Dame is one of the schools he's sending film to.

With four interceptions, 52 tackles, six passes defended, and 2 forced fumbles, Anthony Germany has put his team in a great position. Putnam City HS is currently 8-1, and will begin to playoffs in two weeks. The versatile defensive back has played safety during the season too. "I get switched back and forth from safety to cornerback" said Germany. "Wherever my coach needs me, that's where he'll plug me in. All the schools recruiting me are recruiting me as a cornerback though."

What schools are recruiting Germany? "I have offers from New Mexico and Tulsa. I'm also hearing from Missouri, Iowa State, Stanford, Kansas and SMU." Germany plans on getting a few more offers shortly. "I've been sending out film from my senior year so I plan on getting more offers real soon."

Notre Dame is one of the schools Germany is sending film to. "I'm sending film to Notre Dame. They were in contact with me early in the recruiting process but I haven't heard from them since. I'm still very interested in Notre Dame, and hopefully after they see my film, they'll be interested in me."

Germany will not be making a decision anytime soon. "I haven't set up any visits yet. I still want to focus most of my attention to my football season. Playoffs start soon, and my team is really going to need me to be focused. I should be hearing back from schools shortly about my film, and I'll start setting up visits after my season."

Comments: Germany is a name that popped up earlier in the week so I decided to give him a call. Normally, new names pop up during the course of the recruiting year. I'm not sure how interested Notre Dame is in him, or if they'll be interested at all after seeing his film, but I know he likes Notre Dame. IrishEyes will check back with him shortly to see how things shape up Top Stories