McCoy likes Irish

Bobby McCoy is a kid that's hard to catch up with. His busy schedule makes him miss most of his phone calls. IrishEyes was able to catch up with McCoy to discuss his football season, and of course recruiting.

Bobby McCoy, the 6'1 170lb WR prospect from Klein TX has remained focused through out the season. He's helped his Forest HS team to an 8-1 record and a playoff berth next weekend. His focus has made him miss quite a few calls though. "You just caught me" said McCoy. "Coach Buzz Preston from Notre Dame just called and I missed his call again." Again? "He's called the past few weeks and I keep missing his calls. My mom talks to him all the time though."

McCoy has had a pretty good season. Although he doesn't know his exact stats, he gave us a ballpark figure. "I know I have twenty-something catches for over 400 yards and six touchdowns."

Although he isn't always available to take their calls, it doesn't mean schools aren't calling. "I'm hearing from a lot of schools. I don't really have a top five or anything like that. I'm hearing from Arkansas, Tennessee, Notre Dame, Georgia, Ohio State, Texas Tech, and Texas A&M."

McCoy doesn't plan on making a decision in the near future. "I'm not going to set up my visits until after my season. The playoffs are about to start, and I don't want to do anything until after t[the playoffs].

When asked if Notre Dame has a good chance of getting a visit, McCoy responded "Yes. I'm looking at schools with academics. I want to go to a school with a good computer engineering program." That's not the only thing McCoy will be looking at when deciding on a school. "Other than the computer engineering program, I want to go to a school I can get along with the coaches. That's important. Also, I'll be looking at the type of offense the school is running."

McCoy is qualified with a 3.2 GPA, and 950 SAT.

Comments: It's hard to get a read on McCoy since he isn't very talkative. He's a very nice kid though. It's good news to hear that Notre Dame has a good shot at getting a visit. We'll know more when his season is complete. Top Stories