Quotes From Irish Players After Their Victory

Here are some quotes from Irish players after their 27-24 victory over the Midshipmen.

Quotes From Bob Morton

On his excitement after the game.

"See that kick? I mean, come on. That was a thrill, you are talking about a guy who was thrust into a position a couple of weeks ago and performed at his best. That was exciting and I got to see it and whether I am a player on the field or a fan in the stands I am going to react the same way. I lost my control and I went over and hit him as hard as I could!"

On his thoughts while Fitzpatrick was lining up for the kick.

"Nothing really, just how I could have done a little better on that last play. I have all the confidence in the world in DJ and he's done it time and again, he has performed so well. Even though we were sat on the sidelines huddled up there was a feeling of confidence in him when he stepped up, even though they tried to literally freeze him with how cold it was today."

On his thoughts of Julius Jones' peformance.

"When an offensive linemen can miss a block and the running back runs over him it makes you feel a whole lot better, and you feel bad because that run of 25 yards could have been a touchdown. It picks up the offensive line and vice-versa, when there is nobody blocking it picks up the play of the running back so it all plays off each other in this game and we played it off real well today."

Quotes from D.J. Fitzpatrick

On replacing Nick Setta

"When he went down it was just my time and I'm trying to do as well as I can until he comes back."

On being an Irish fan

"I've been coming to games since I was 5 years old so I've grown up around it. My grandfather went here and he loves Notre Dame more than anyone I know, he knows everything about the players. It was great to see him and all my family, my Mom and Dad."

On grandfather's love for Notre Dame.

"My Mom's dad, Richard Torda. He's from Toledo, Ohio. He drives in for every game and always has since my Mum was a little girl so Notre Dame has been a big part of the family. He lets me do my thing but is always asking me what's going on, he loves it and I am just so happy."

Vontez Duff Quotes

On winning

"It is very important, we have to remember this feeling, what it feels like to win. We have to make sure we keep things running. We have to step the level up but just remember how this feels and just keep running with it."

On the defense and their desire to win.

"The passion is we don't want to lose anymore, we've got our losses out and I feel that we don't need to lose anymore. That's our passion of defense, we have to go out and dominate. We feel if we go out and dominate we will win ballgames and that's what we need to do every week."

On playing Navy

"It's still not easy, they are a great team. If you are not on your keys, are not responsible and things like that, then they will easily beat you. We made sure today that we were on our keys and we won the ballgame and that's what we had to do."

On the Fitzpatrick kick

"I was thinking money's all the way, I was telling all the guys on the sideline it's DJ money. Basically, when he kicked it, it was a little wobbly, I think somebody tipped it but I still felt like it was going in and it did."

On the pressure not to lose to Navy

"We have pressure no matter what, we are Notre Dame and we have pressure on us from every angle. Yes, it's 39 games but we have pressure no matter what. You know that when you come here, you have to live up to the guys who have played, play in front of this crowd, all those kind of things - there is always pressure. You know it, everybody knows it's there but now we just have to look forward to the next game."

On where the team goes from here.

"We feel that now we have this win, we have to keep going. We can't stop now, we still have three more games to play. We have to keep it rolling, remember this feeling and make sure it happens again three more times."

Justin Tuck Quotes

On getting the win.

"There was definitely a celebration, whenever you win it is always a reason to celebrate. We didn't win it like we wanted to but a win is a win and we'll come out next week and work for another one."

On the play of the defense.

"I think we played well but not as well as we could of, we still make mistakes and we need to play better with a sound technique. I think the effort was great, we felt around for the ball and we made plays. Luckily we came out the winner."

Brady Quinn Quotes

On how he felt after the win.

"Pretty good, obviously right now we needed a win and we got it done. Hopefully we will feel pretty confident going into next week against BYU."

On the last drive.

"Obviously if the big play is there you are going to take it but right then, with the situation we had, we were just trying to get into field goal range but seeing if we could break it and take it to the house. It was something you would try to do but a field goal is what you are looking for."

On the strategy of the last drive.

"Yes, that is how you look at it in that situation. Where we had the ball at, obviously we had to do some stuff with it or we were going to have to end up kneeling it and going to overtime."

On not turning the ball over

"That's the thing you look for in this offense, we don't want to turn the ball over, we don't want to make mistakes. I definitely have some blown mental assignments with things like blitzes. Looking back, we did not turn the ball over and that is one of the big keys of winning."

Julius Jones Quotes

On the win

"It feels great but the best part was that we got to win and that is ultimately what we were looking to do and thanks to D.J. we got it."

On if he feels he gets into a groove with more carries.

"Yes, I feel it, I definitely feel it. The main thing is to be patient and not to think too much, take your 4 yard gains, 5 yard gains and eventually you pop one. That's basically how I went about it today."

On if he wants more carries.

"I don't know, I'm kind of tired right now. It was a fun game, I didn't know I had that many carries, I don't really know anything until I come in here."

On the Fitzpatrick kick

"We had full confidence in D.J., he does it everyday in practice and finally he got his chance. I think every kicker dreams of having that chance to make the winning kick and it finally came for him and he stepped up and took full advantage of it."

On the pounding his body took after 33 carries.

"I'm a little tired but my body feels pretty good right now. I got in the ice-tub, I'll get some rest tonight and get ready to play my last home game next week."

On his last game at Notre Dame next weekend.

"It's going to be a very special game, for me, and the rest of the seniors, especially the fifth year guys. It seemed like this day would never come and it is here. Hopefully we will get the win and that will make it even better."

On the game plan.

"Our game plan was to try and dominate the line of scrimmage and run the ball, keep their offense off the field. The first half we had an excellent drive and then we started killing ourselves a little bit, shooting ourselves in the foot. Once we got back on track the offensive line got comfortable and I felt comfortable back there. It's just amazing what we can do when we can execute."

Darrell Campbell Quotes

On the win and playing his last games at Notre Dame.

"To be able to have guys and be surrounded by younger players who want to see you out and we're able to do that, that's a testament to the kind of defense you have, the type of character you have within everyone here. That's just great, so many years went by when we couldn't see our seniors out with wins, with victories, I think about that all the time. I think about that every time I line up on the ball over a player. Now I get a chance to go out there and be the leader, but at the same time I know there are guys who go out there and want to send me out the right way. It's a blessing."

On seeing Hilliard next to him the entire game.

"I think it was really awesome to be out there next to Ced because he was out there. There were so many games where he could only come in for a little bit and be dominant for a few plays because of some setback. Even myself, sometimes I haven't been able to finish a game in its entirety, I'd just go out there and do as much as I could do. But now, we were both out there the whole game, we were both out there trading blows, getting each other hyped up – it was really, really fun. It's fun being next to him."

On if this was the best game for the defensive line this season.

"I think this is probably the best disciplined game we have played thus far. Everybody knew their role, nobody was selfish, everybody was very enthusiastic about seeing people make plays. It's a special thing to be out there and you know you want to make a sack, you know you want to make a tackle, but you know the most important thing is to read your keys and get off, because in that way you are helping someone else do that. I guess you could say conversely it is almost like you are a part of that sack. This is what being a part of a great defense is about, having fun and making plays, seeing people be successful."

On the first thing he did when he went into the locker room.

"Everybody knows when I get in the locker room after a win I am always the ‘We are ND' guy, so I always say ‘We are' and then everyone comes back in chorus ‘ND'. We come around the big ND emblem that is in the locker room and brush off all the grass and all the grit and keep saying that, keep chanting that big time until it fills the whole locker room and you become part of this big cell."

On the rest of the season.

"Right now we are 1-0 and next week we will be 1-0, one victory at a time. We can't think about four games, just one at a time."

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