Young Still Interested in Notre Dame

Seattle, WA prospect Chancellor Young is leading his team in the state playoffs this season. The 6-2, 205-pound athlete is waiting to set his visits after the season. Will he visit Notre Dame?

Chancellor Young says he's waiting until after his season to set his official visits. "Right now, Washington has offered me. I'm looking at a lot of schools right now. All of the Pac 10 has been calling me. Notre Dame, Penn State and Nebraska are some others that are calling and I'm interested in."

Young says schools have been talking to him about playing a number of positions. "Some want me as a wide receiver. Others are talking about defensive back. Most are just saying they want me as an athlete and then they'll see where I fit best in their system. It doesn't matter to me."

Is he interested in Notre Dame? "Yeah, I have a lot of interest. I like their tradition. It's a great school and they are known to breed winners there. Notre Dame always seems to find a way to get back to the top."

Will he visit Notre Dame? "I'd like to. I have to take all the info into consideration. I plan to deal with that after my season. They are calling me so we'll see."

Comments: Youn remains on the radar screen for the Irish. He's a great kid and would fit in well. We'll keep and eye on him and see what happens in the future. Top Stories